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Chris Nicholas

A five-time tech-founder, Chris formed his first company at Age 19; a gamified LMS, Eager, and sold as an open box solution one of the nation's largest charter school networks. He built his local marketing agency at age 22 to 7 figures in net revenue; and has currently helped grow over 100 seed and series startups with "You Don't Need A CMO". Finding new ways to influence consumer behavior and quantify online is his deep passion.

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About this course

Written by Chris Hanson, founder of the You Don't Need A CMO Marketing Syndicate, and the brain behind dozens of 8-figure startup launches, this course gives you an inside look into how agencies and startup studios decide which products to invest their time and money into.

Over 5-years and collective billion dollars our clients have spent on marketing, we've learned a few key tenants of launching a company. Every week, we launch a new startup, and every week we have the opportunity of finding success and failure and tying it back to the fundamental tenants of marketing.

This is not a "how-to" for FB ads, how to make a million dollars with drop-shipping, or any other kind of BS Tai Lopez couse. The course is intended for already succesful entrepreneurs who have made at least 100k in their first year of business. While our course does not require a

Marketing your company does not have to a painful, arduous process involving a multitude of freelancers and phony "gurus" teaching you the art of FB ads or copywriting. Yes, the skills count, but ultimately creating true growth depends on how quickly you can emulate the strategy of your most successful competitors.
You'll learn the ONLY 5 marketing channels that matter; which combination to avoid for which niches and pricing models. Our system. having been developed across over 50+ marketing failures and successes involves using high-end marketing "spying" technology to learn what your competitors are doing - to discover and avoid their mistakes, what they learned - so you don't have to.

If you're sicking of waiting months to see that first download or lead, or endless a/b testing that seems to be going nowhere than you will be primed to get the most out of our course.