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Full-Spectrum Doula Circle

The Full-Spectrum Doula Circle connects full-spectrum doulas and other reproductive support people with information, education, and each other, to increase skills, decrease burnout, and deepen our wells of support.

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About this course

Burnout, Vicarious Trauma, & Resilience -- September 2019

In this live online workshop we'll discuss burnout and vicarious trauma, with a focus on how they affect doulas. We'll learn about building resilience through reflective practice, self-care, and squad-care. We'll craft individualized plans for growing more resilient as caregivers.

This workshop is appropriate for doulas, midwives, counselors, anyone who works to nonjudgmentally support people transitioning out of pregnancy.

Live online workshop: Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30pm EST (supporting workshop materials available as soon as you register)

Cost: 30 U.S. dollars

Sliding scale available (no need to ask or explain; I trust if you're paying at this rate it's because that's what's right for you): 15 U.S. dollars