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Jean L. Eaton

Jean L. Eaton, Your Practical Privacy Coach and Practice Management Mentor with Information Managers Ltd. Jean helps primary care practice managers and health care providers properly manage the risk of a privacy breach, stay out of jail, avoid fines AND keep an efficient practice! Jean is constructively obsessive about privacy. She helps independent healthcare practices and businesses with practice administration, privacy awareness, privacy breach management, and legislated regulation compliance in Canada.

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About this course

AB Medical Version

Health Information Management Privacy And Security Policies And Procedures Templates

Get the Reliability And Power of Policy and Procedure Templates Without Spending Hours (or Days) Creating Them.

Your healthcare practice needs written policies and procedures to assist you to correctly, efficiently, and confidently collect, use, access, and disclosure of health information so that you can meet your accreditation, privacy impact assessment, and regulatory compliance requirements.

6 Easy Steps Prepare, Customize, Print, Train, Implement

  •  Enter information about your healthcare practice into the MS Excel survey.
  •  Easily generate draft policies and procedures
  •  Customize the policies and procedures for your practice.
  •  Video coaching and implementation tips
  •  Finish your policies and procedures
  •  Video orientation for your employees on the new policies and procedures

The Health Information Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures templates includes over

  • 24 policies templates
  • 28 procedure templates
  •   5 forms for patients
  • 10 forms for employee and clinic use

Includes 8 short training videos for your employees that  highlights each key section of the Health Information Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures Manual. Use this to provide orientation to your current and new employees and providers.

Your One-Time cost is just $475!

No special software to learn!

Use MS Office Excel and MS Office Word to create all the templates.

Don't have MS Office? Talk to us to explore options that might work for you.

Payments in Stripe include credit card and debit. 

Payments include 5% GST