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Meghan O'Malley

Holistic Life Leadership Coach, Community Builder, and Fierce Lover of living into the beautiful messiness of growth, connection, truth, and expansion.

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About this course

You know what the difference is between magic and miracles? Miracles just sort of spontaneously "happen," while magicians can REPEAT THEIR MAGIC

I'm a a believer in the magic of cultivating healthy relationships (with ourselves and others), in the power of working with energy, manifesting, and tapping into deeper intuitive knowing. And, at this point in my life and career, I've cultivated quite the magician's toolbox that, when used and honored, creates real deal magic. Not joking. Not white rabbit in a hat sort of magic, but "holy sh*t, this get's to be my life?!?!" sort of magic. This isn't about controlling life, but it IS about working WITH both the grounded relationship and personal growth skills I know to be helpful AND the magical divine energies and laws that are already swirling (because sometimes we just plain get in the way of the magical goodness that wants to happen!).

This 18 week program was born out of my passion and purpose around what I lovingly call "grounded woo." I believe that we are most empowered, most whole, and most effective in ALL areas of our lives when we are both connected spiritually - to intuition (the internal divine compass) and whatever higher knowing you happen to buy into - WHILE ALSO integrating that divine awareness, intuitive guidance, lived worthiness, and hard-earned relationship insight into the messy realness of our human experience. 

I've learned that integrated wholeness requires very REAL skills, intentionality, and practices. . . skills that aren't automatically acquired in moments of sparkly yoga mat or meditation insight (unfortunately!).  

This course balances the need for concrete action and practice with gloriously magical ways of tapping into intuitive wisdom and insight. Integration is the key, folks! Walking with a balance of both is not only possible, but leads to fulfillment and real deal MAGIC in life and relationships! Through self-paced learning you will be supported in stepping more fully into your own magical powers and sense of authentic wholeness. 

Investment for 18 weeks of Practical Magic is $300

* And FYI, you can go at your own pace, as you'll have access to the lessons for at least 24 weeks

 (I know that sometimes "life happens" and we get behind, so there's some flexibility built in for you!)