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Tracy Brown

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About this course

This course is designed to:
  • equip you with knowledge about specific behaviors, resources and tactics you can use to be a champion for diversity and inclusion
  • encourage you to take appropriate risks and set higher standards for your behavior as a champion for diversity and inclusion
  • empower you to take personal responsibility for being a champion for diversity and inclusion in your workplace or community

There are 27 modules / lessons. Each one includes either educational models and facts or a self-directed activity designed to help you strengthen your skills. The content has recently been updated so you'll find links to resources you can use to expand your knowledge and update your tool kit!

In addition, Tracy will schedule 2 live Q&A webinars each month. You'll be able to ask questions, share what's working and hear from other participants. Bring your most difficult situations to these calls and get on-the-spot coaching!

Get access to the first module as soon as you register. Then the remaining modules will be released on Mondays and Thursdays, beginning August 5, 2019.


  • This course is not a quick-in and quick-out, surface-level webinar.
  • This course is not a spend a couple hours and have all the answers experience.
  • This course is not for dabblers or people who just want to say they are a diversity champion without actually changing anything.
  • This course is not designed to point out everything you have ever done wrong and leave you feeling guilty, ashamed or broken.


  • This course provides an opportunity to thoughtfully assess what you already know about being a champion for diversity and inclusion.
  • This course offers the opportunity to expand your reach and sharpen your skills as a champion for diversity and inclusion.
  • This course gives you a learning community to talk with and learn with over an extended period of time.
  • This course includes links to resources I usually only offer to corporate clients who are paying a lot more than you are paying for this course.

And, even though you may have signed up as an individual,  you are not going through the course alone. Anytime you have questions or comments you can post them to the discussion board for response or contact me directly.

If you are ready to be a more effective champion for diversity and inclusion, this course will help you achieve your goal! 

I'll "see" you on the inside!

Tracy Brown   |

  • President Intentional Inclusion Inc
  • Founder, StainedGlassSpirit
  • Moderator: What Is Mine To Do