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Nicola van Dyke

Intuitive Life Mentor and Transformation Coach | ThetaHealing Master and Cert. Science Practitioner and Instructor | Author and Creator of Becoming Love Initiative | Hello! I am an intuitive life mentor, an author and international presenter, and I specialise in supporting people worldwide to make changes to their lives. I have a global client base and travel extensively teaching seminars and workshops around our wonderful planet. I am passionate about showing people how to love each other, themselves, their life and this beautiful universe we exist within. I am committed to assisting people in becoming their authentic selves, and co-creating the life they wish for and deserve. I specialise in guiding people on a journey of self-acceptance, self-wisdom and Becoming Love™. I host a radio show called Becoming Love™, which encompasses all of my ideology and through discussions, live readings & healings, guided meditations and practical advice, inspires and encourages a global audience.

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About this course

Welcome to The Art of Self-love online course!

When you sign up for this course you will learn to live your life in complete self-love! Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!

 I will guide you through the 7 steps to self-love module by module. You will learn strategies & life-coaching techniques, and practice them. You will receive energy healings, and be gifted guided meditations to download. You will learn by video, webinar, self-reflection, journaling and experience being part of an online supportive community. 

This is a profound course that will take you on a deep journey of self-discovery that will lead you to experience complete self-love. Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and treat yourself as your own best friend?

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Course Structure

Introductory Module: Here you will learn how to navigate the structure of the course, how to access all the materials, how to interact with myself and fellow students and what to expect from this profound in-depth course.

Module 1: Self-fullness: Find out how to live a life of self-fullness so you can freely meet your own needs, wishes and desires and consider yourself as equally important as everyone else in your life. Learn how to find that balance in your life without guilt or resentment.

Module 2: Feeling and Being Okay!: Discover what it means to feel okay and learn how to make changes in your life and the way that you feel about yourself so that you wake up every morning feeling that you are okay! You will feel more self-esteem and self-confidence and live with fewer fears and anxiety.

Module 3: Release Regrets!: Going through life holding onto regrets can feel heavy and stop you leading the life you want to. In this module, you will learn why you are holding onto the regrets and how to easily release those regrets that have been keeping you stuck, and to move forward with joy and ease.

Module 4:  Self-worth: You are worth it! In this module, you will discover what it feels like to have complete self-worth. To know that you are worthy and deserving of living the life you want and having the relationships you desire. You will find out how to increase your own feelings of self-worth, through changing deeply held beliefs about yourself. You will learn to know and feel that you are enough!

Module 5:  Living a Purposeful Life:  Discovering the age-old question of why you are here is so satisfying. Getting out of bed in the morning with a feeling of purpose and knowing what you are doing, where you are going, what you are aiming for in life. This module will show you how to find direction in your life and create a life that feels right for you. When you live a purposeful life you will love yourself more and the more you love yourself, the more you will find purpose in life and be happier!

Module 6:  Living in Balance:  Living in balance across a week, a day or even a year allows you to feel that you are thriving and not just survivingIn this module, you will learn how to create a balanced lifestyle so that you find time to work, rest and play. You will discover strategies and techniques to help you build this balance into your life and so feel more self-love.

Module 7:  Self-Acceptance:  Fully accepting yourself, as you were, as you are and as you will be is the key to self-love. We all have aspects of ourself that we don't like but in this module, you will find the wisdom to accept the aspects of yourself that you cannot change and the courage to change those aspects that you can work on. 

Bonus Module: Right now when you sign up you will receive this bonus module absolutely free! Everything that you have learnt will be consolidated, and congratulated! You will feel so differently about yourself by the time you get to this module and you will want to feel pride - and so you should! You are awesome!!


My promise to you!

 I am so excited to be working with you and can promise you that you will feel completely differently about yourself and your life really soon! I am so certain this will be so profound for you, I am offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. You are an amazing, unique person and you deserve to feel happy and live a life that feels right for you.....I am waiting to meet you!

If you would like to make your payments over three months, with regular payments of $180, please click on the link below.

Payment Plan <<<<<

If you have a coupon code to use, you can apply it after you click on the Register Now button!

I am looking forward to working with you!

with love,

Nicola x