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Susie Monday

Artist and teacher from Pipe Creek Texas near San Antonio. Mostly work in textiles, large scale collage, AKA art quilts. 210-643-2128

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About this course

Experiment with some of the wonderful collage apps on the iPad — cut and paste (virtually), as well as layering, grid designs and free form combining of art images, preexisting and new shape collections, famous art image vocabularies, using text  on your work and more. We’ll also do a walk-through on how to take an idea from iPad to Spoonflower, on the iPad and/or your laptop. $185 fee. There are five lessons with a pause at week 3. 

The course is evergreen with unlimited access once you are signed up, ongoing feedback and discussions, phone and email support, and lots of videos, step-by-step tutorials. This course is best for those with some iPad photo editing and art experience. I won't be dealing here with such issues as how to send photos to your iPad, using  iCloud or other fundamentals. If you have no experience with iPad art, I suggest you take my Art on the iPad course first! Next session starts Jan. 2020.