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Trista Hertz

Hi! I'm Trista and I'm a nature lover and wanderer, artfully connecting with nature with Wonder Wander Journaling. I'm also a Disney dreamer and magic seeker, and cherish the days when I'm sketching my way through a Disney park.

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About this Course

In Wonder Wander Journaling: Fall  we'll artfully connect with nature as we explore a dozen or more lessons in our nature art journals  during the autumn of  2019. 

We'll start by creating our own art journal (it'll be easy! promise!!) from a repurposed book, and move on to exploring fall through a variety of nature art journaling prompts. Using a fall-inspired palette of watercolors alongside our favorite pencils, pens, and markers, we'll create page after page and capture the beauty of the fall season. We'll press colorful fall leaves into our journals, and sketch and wonder our way through the changing colors. 

And most wonderful of all, we'll have two special lessons!  A Campfire Girl lesson from the fabulous Mindy Lacefield. And a creative way to explore color by doodling leaves with the super creative Lori Carscallen! 

This class is all about having fun with your art while capturing your connection with nature in your journal pages. It's about building a habit of observing and wondering about nature and then translating those thoughts and that sense of wonder into your art journal. 

Let's wonder and wander through nature this fall and capture our moments and the colors and changes of nature in our art journals. 

Class Highlights:
-Class runs all fall, September through November 2019
-Lessons will post four at a time on 9/15, 10/1 and 10/15
-Total of at least 12 lessons
-At least one video per lesson
-Lifetime access
-This class is for every level, for everyone who wants to explore nature in their art journal
-Cost is just $30!