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Cynthia Morris

Certified coach, author and artist, I have been coaching writers and artists since 1999. I thrive in the creative process and have published books, sold art and coached hundreds of people to their own creative success.

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About this Course

You're a writer, but you're not happy. You are suffering from the six things that bring writers down. Check the following list to see how many of these are accurate for you. Are you: 

  1. unable to focus on one writing project to completion
  2. unable to write at all
  3. needing accountability to do the writing
  4. wishing you had a thriving, supportive writing community
  5. not making progress and losing confidence daily
  6. feeling lonely or stuck in life and writing? 

These are the top six symptoms that make for unhappy writers. My work as a coach and teacher is dedicated to eliminating these disheartening symptoms. 

This coaching group  is AMAZING. I am not bragging here. What’s amazing is what happens for writers when they get into a facilitated group devoted to helping them make progress, no kidding. 

In Write ON, you focus on ONE project during the entire course. Before we begin, you will choose one project that is dear to your heart. And then we will make serious progress on it together, with my coaching and your new writing peers.

In our last cycle, we banished writers’ blues. The joy, empowerment, camaraderie and oh, yes, stacks and stacks of written pages was OFF THE CHARTS. 

If you are suffering from any of the writers’ blues symptoms or other ones, you will love Write ON. We’re launching another cycle of this powerful group for writers with projects to work on, and I want you to be part of it. 

Join us from September 9th - October 11th to finally focus on one project and make great progress.