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About this course

Write Your Personal Statement in 7 Days

with Peg Cheng

Stressed about writing your personal statement for law school?

Not sure which of your life experiences to write about?

Think you have a boring life and have nothing to write about?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this class was made for YOU.


The class is taught by law school admissions expert Peg Cheng via a mix of 15 online video lessons (never seen anywhere else), simple writing exercises, short readings, and online discussions.

You will be taught in the encouraging and uplifting Prelaw Guru way. 

Learning how to write your personal statement doesn't have to be a drag--it can also be fun and empowering, leading to more confidence and self-knowledge.


  • What law schools are looking for in your personal statement.
  • The anatomy and structure of a personal statement.
  • How to mine your inner stories using the 49 Stories Method--a simple yet highly effective writing technique.
  • How to calm and center yourself before you write to ensure better results.
  • Which of your stories to write about for your personal statement.
  • The importance of story structure.
  • The purpose of the introduction, middle, and conclusion of your essay.
  • How long your personal statement should be and whether you need to address "Why Law?" in your essay.
  • How to make your essay flow and get it ready for review by objective readers.

By the end of this class, you will have completed the first draft of your personal statement in just 7 days!


  • Lessons are available 24/7. Pick the time of day or night that works for you.
  • There will be short videos to watch, things to read, and straightforward exercises to complete. Work at your own pace.
  • You can post your questions online and they will be answered later by your instructor Peg Cheng.
  • When you have narrowed your 49 Stories free-writes down to your top 5 potential statement topics, you can post them online to receive feedback from Peg.
  • Unlike other classes that only give you a few months of access, this class is yours to keep.



YES! So many online classes provide no interaction at all. Not so with our class. In this class you will receive the benefit of online discussions with Peg and you will also receive online feedback from Peg on your top 5 essay topic ideas. 


Wow, I am so happy I took this course. My previous law school application looks elementary compared to the refined resume and personal statement I have recently drafted. I am very proud of my first draft and I know I have a great foundation piece to adjust to each specific law school I am interested in. Thanks, Peg!  -- Carolina

The 49 Stories was a fun exercise and I feel that I'm going to have some great material moving forward. -- Patrick

Completing the 49 stories made me discover that I am a lot more interesting than I presumed to be. I actually have a lot of stories to tell, but they all somehow end up coming back to a central theme of my culture and my family. I learned so much about my life, myself, and the experiences in my past that shaped who I am today thanks to this class! Thanks to this class I feel I wrote a concise and clear personal statement. Peg rocks and all her tips are awesome! Put in the work, you won't be disappointed.  -- Daniela

I was surprised how eye opening the 49 stories exercise was. I helped me categorize and chronologically reflect on a 20 year past of jumbled memories. It was interesting to me to compare my goals and general perceptions about life from my school age/teenage years and what they are now. -- Anna

Peg, I have just finished Lesson 1 and I have to hand it to you, these writing exercises have been a good, and certainly cathartic, exercise. My main concern in writing my personal statement is delving deep and expressing myself. However, I do believe that this class will serve as a perfect opportunity to do just that. At the present time I am feeling good and very hopeful! -- Aidan

Peg, I want to let you know that this course is really helpful so far. To be honest, I had some doubts with taking online courses, until I decided to give it a try after hearing such great things about you from Jane. What's really helping me is that you seem to perfectly understand the pressure that an applicant is going through. After taking the LSAT, I was really mentally exhausted and couldn't keep up with preparing my statement...I needed someone to provide me a to-do list that not only releases the pressure and stressful feelings I have, but also gives me motivation to start. I'm on my sixth day, and I'm almost done with my draft. As you said, it has been an encouraging process. -- Alice

Peg, I'm sending you a huge virtual hug right now! Even though it took me a lot longer than 7 days to complete my draft, I am very proud of the end result. Thank you for being with me cheering me on every step of the way and for motivating me to have the courage to write about something I was afraid to write because I was worried about what others would think. I hope that schools will see my growth and passion through my essay. Immensely grateful for this class for getting me to this point. I KNOW it wouldn't have been the same without you.-- Gopika

In writing the 49 Stories prompts, I discovered that I really enjoy this free-writing technique. I have always dreaded writing things (research papers, essays, reports etc), but with this technique, I found that I really enjoyed sitting down and writing when I don't worry about the grammar, syntax or spelling and just get the ideas down on paper. I actually really looked forward to finishing all 49 prompts! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is having difficulty getting started with their personal statement. The guidelines and tips Peg provides throughout the 7 days are invaluable. -- Adela


By purchasing and registering for this class, you understand and accept that Prelaw Guru makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, with respect to the likelihood of your admission to any institution. Due to the nature of online classes, Prelaw Guru cannot offer any refunds. All sales are final.

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