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Melissa Forde

Registered Nurse, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and all-around healing modality aficionado. A happy mix of science and spirit :)

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About this course

Whether your purpose is to make a big impact with your work in the world, experience profound healing in your body or show up for the people you love with the strength of a superhero  -- YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUEL FOR THAT FIRE.

Fuel For Living Life On Fire is an 11 day online program to feed your purpose with supercharged self-care.

In this course I share all of my favorite tools for soothing the nervous system (which is necessary to get out of fight-or-flight reactions) so you can activate all of your restorative, healing and creative abilities in any moment.

By the end of this program you will notice significant shifts in your body and mind that will leave you feeling more energized, empowered, focused and intentional. It's basically a nervous system makeover that will make you feel like you have superpowers.

AWESOME, right??

This course runs over 11 days, self-care-challenge style.  It will take you from fatigued to FUELED fast.

Each day you will receive:

  • A short lesson on nervous system care and empowerment
  • A 5-10 minute guided breathwork, meditation or movement exercise
  • Instructions for a self-care mission of the day

All materials are downloadable and yours to keep.

For this program can think of me as part cheerleader, part drill sergeant. You'll have me in your ear, everyday for 11 days, telling you exactly what to do to care for yourself so you can show up for your work in the world full of fuel and ready to burn bright.

Let's. Do. This.