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About this Course

Introduction to Astrology: Learning Karmic Astrology 101 and Your Birth Chart As Your Soul Imprint with Mary Lomando - Jungian Astrologer, Lecturer & Egyptologist

This class consists of a Welcome Week with introductions, six 90-minute online seminars, plus an eighth week of integration and final Q & A, as well as guided study.  This is a Beginners class. You do not have to have any previous astrological classes or experience to register, but of course, if you have any background in astrology, you are welcome to experience Mary’s “Jungian” perspective, which includes archetypal symbology and mythology. The study of Astrology will better help you to understand yourself, as well as giving you invaluable keys for understanding your relationships with your partners, family members, friends, etc.

This Class includes:

  • Meeting the Actors: The 10 planets we use in Astrology: Understanding the Mythology, meaning and symbolism of the Planetary Archetypes (Class material provided in advance)
  • The 12 Signs + the Houses : Creating the Mandala and your Birth Chart: Putting the pieces together (Identifying the planets, Signs & Houses) Using your own horoscope.
  • Astrological Profiling: Interpreting the Birth Chart: Comparing and Analyzing the Charts of famous people, as well as family & friends.

Personal Benefit:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your true destiny that can empower, strengthen and inspire you.

You will receive:

  •  A copy of your natal horoscope to work with, plus one additional family member or friend’s birth chart to work with. Chart information (birthdate, time & city of birth)  must be supplied at registration.
  • Six  90-minute class sessions (audio and/or webinar) as Mary works with you step-by-step to learn the ABC’s of astrology.  In learning how to read a natal chart, we will cover the planets, signs and houses; the elements; and chart overview. By the end of the class, you will be familiar with how to read the basics of the birth chart.
  • Weekly exercises to practice your class material.
  • Access to recordings of all class sessions (for a designated period of time)
  • PDF transcripts of any class hand-outs.

Sign Ups are welcome until January 8, 2014 as Mary will be pulling a natal chart for each registrant.  

Investment: $175

Required Book that will be used throughout the course:  Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand and Interpret Your Birth Chart by Demetra George & Douglas Bloch


Welcome Information Packet - available as of Thursday 1/2

Class 1 :  Thursday 1/9 -  Intro & Overview: Why Astrology is Important/Jungian Perspective & Relationship; Spiritual Astrology & Karma; Meeting the Actors: The  Planets & Their Archetypes

Class 2 :  Thursday 1/16 –The Costumes: The 12 signs (Elements, Polarities & Modalities)

Class 3 :  Thursday 1/23 –The Stage: The 12 Houses (Intercepted/Empty Houses ); Hemispheric Emphasis

Class 4:   Thursday 1/30 (New Moon in Aquarius) Ascendant, MC & Angles; Astrology & Vocation;  Discovering Your Personality “Mask”

Class 5:    Thursday  2/6- The Mandala of your Natal Chart: Putting It All Together;  Jungian Astrology

Class 6:    Thursday  2/13 – Psychic Detective Work: Analyzing  the charts of famous people.  

Class 7:    Thursday 2/20 - Wrap-up and Q&A with Mary


About Your Guide - Mary Lomando - Jungian Astrologer and Egyptologist:

Mary Lomando is a Jungian Astrologer and Egyptologist with extensive experience in astrology, psychology, metaphysics, and world mythologies. 

She is a graduate of NYU (psychology and art history) and the American University in Cairo (Egyptology and Islamic Art).  Mary has lived and worked in Egypt, where she received her degree in Egyptology.

She is President of Pacha Terra Travel, which specializes in spiritual journeys to Egypt and Peru, and also the founding Director of The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation, a non-profit educational organization.  In addition to her worldwide astrological practice, Mary also teaches classes on astrology and Egyptian mythology. She is currently writing a book about the Goddesses of ancient Egypt soon to be published in 2014.

Read Mary's column on The MotherHouse of the Goddesss Blog

Astrological readings - A reading with Mary will help clarify your soul's purpose by focusing on karmic relationship patterns, past life experiences and talents, and future potential inherent in the birth chart.  The session will be recorded and emailed. For those interested in a reading or becoming part of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation, please Email Mary.

***Personal Astrological Consultation with Mary is $100 for class participants (normally $125).