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Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1965. He lived in Alaska in his early twenties and returned to Ireland where he studied psychology at Dublin City University, and studied Dream Interpretation under the veteran, George Rhatigan.

His decades of work and exploration in the spiritual field are as a result of a spontaneous awakening he experienced at age 27, and the ripples he's experienced ever since. He's been interviewed countless times on National TV and radio because of his expertise in dreams. He moved to Seattle in 2011 where he hosted the radio show, "So, You Think You're Awake?" on KKNW.

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About this course

End The Confusion,
Discover Your Gifts and Live Your Life Purpose with Aisling 

The World's Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Method

Are you awakened?

For whatever reason - and it's different for all of us - something happened and you just know there is more to your life. The problem is, you don't know what that 'more' is. So you've been searching. Searching your soul, devouring self-help books, searching the internet - but nothing is sticking. At least not for long. You wake up with a feeling you can't get rid of - a nagging sadness that you are not living to your full potential.

It's not that you've failed. You've raised great kids, or you've gotten exactly what you wanted in your career. Either way, life has pretty much given you what you wanted. But now you know you are meant to be doing something different. Something important! But what? You've searched and you've grown from that search. But you still have not found the answers you need. You know you will recognize it when you do! But where do you turn to next? You've even paid for courses that you thought would lead you to it - but they haven't. And you're feeling let down.

If what you're meant to do, is so important, why does it feel like the universe is hiding it from you?

I'm here to tell you it isn't.

Your answers are closer than you think!

The irony is that the answers are so close to you, that you most likely discount them. You look outside of yourself, as you've been trained to - listening to other people's voices. But those voices usually reflect their answers – not yours! For your answers, you need to look within. Listen to the voice of your dreams, and you will hear your Higher-Self speak clearly, revealing the purpose of your very existence and the path you must take to achieve your goals. Only then will you feel fulfilled.

Over the past 27 years I've had the joy of being able to interpret thousands of people's dreams and reveal to them what their unique gifts and their life purpose is. I have helped thousands of people simply by being able to tell them what the true meaning of their dreams is.

Is this your question?

I was where you are. 30 years ago, I awakened and I had one simple question, "What am I meant to be doing?" Nothing I did gave me the answer. No course. No books. I was frustrated. I lacked clarity. I felt like I was on my own. And yes, I felt let down. I'm logically inclined and I wanted answers I could trust.

My breakthrough

My breakthrough came when I attended a Dream Interpretation class. Now, I had done a dream interpretation course before. But it was worse than useless. I didn't want to go to another. I was dragged there by my sister and because of my reluctance we missed the first week.

But here's what happened. I submitted a dream for analysis, and it described me to a tee! And, I'll admit, it wasn't all pretty. I realized I had found the fountain of knowledge.

My dreams revealed my anger, it's source in childhood and how to clear it. My sense of feeling alone, where it started, why I chose it and how to clear it. They also revealed my spiritual gifts, including my ability to interpret dreams. And they revealed my Life Purpose! They even revealed that I was born by cesarean section!

I was transformed

Acting on my dreams gave me clarity and confidence. I had the answers. I was certain about my life purpose. I was excited about life. I was energized. I felt supported. I was happy.

Within the first year of acting on my dreams, I began teaching Dream Interpretation classes. I was interviewed on National TV and dozens of radio stations. These interviews filled my classes.

I was mobbed at exhibitions. Celebrities in the Spiritual Field asked me to interpret their dreams! I got permanent paid TV and Radio spots.

My health also improved dramatically. I began hearing my guides and they add detail to my interpretations.

All of this, from listening to my dreams!

My dreams revealed my life purpose

I got the answer to my question. I know why I am here.

I help spiritual seekers who are struggling to discover their gifts and life purpose. Using as little as one dream, I put them in touch with the life they intended to live.

I've been doing this for 27 years!

I do all this under the name Aislng Dream Interpretation. Aislng (pronounced Ash-ling) is the Irish for Dream.

The Aisling Method Transforms Lives

I’ve used the Aisling Method to transform the lives of countless others too.

Susan, before working with me

Susan worked 9-5 as an admin in the University of Washington. She had migraines for 28 days per month! She knew she was her to help people and had learned a myriad of skills by constantly taking classes. But she was not clear on her purpose.

The Messages In Her Dreams

Through her dreams she was told

  • To eliminate specific foods to help her migraines.

  • By learning too many skills, she had spread herself too thin. She’d lost focus.

  • Learning to support herself through a very specific subset of skills was part of her life purpose.

  • To quit her 9 – 5.

The Results

  • Her migraines diminished over time to just 1½ days per month.

  • She successfully supports herself working full time in her own practice as a master of her unique blend of skills.

And now I would like to help you to do the same.

My Offer To You

I have developed a high touch, in-depth course that gets results like this, guaranteed!

 Across 7 one-hour personal sessions (depending on level purchased) and 7 one-hour group sessions, I apply The Aisling Method to all of your dreams, and give you this:

  • I reveal to you, your life purpose and spiritual gifts (everybody has at least one gift).

  • I explain the nuance of how you are meant to use your gifts to complement each other. Which gifts are important for you now, and which you will use in the future.

  • I reveal the gifts that are not for you. Developing and using the wrong gifts inhibits your life purpose and blocks your growth.

  • I help you to remove the biggest blocks that inhibit your gifts and your joy in life. The sense of well-being and connection to spirit that this brings, is a huge part of the transformation this course brings.

  • I point out health issues revealed in your dreams, their source and the steps necessary to heal them.

  • I reveal the relationship advice given in your dreams. Why do you pick the wrong partner and how can you fix that?

  • You also get a recording of each personal session and group session so you can review it.

  • I pour over dreams and channel in advance of our sessions, so you get maximum benefit.

  • Plus you get Fantastic Bonuses - listed below.

This is probably the highest touch, interactive course you will ever do. That’s why I get results and can offer this guarantee. If I don’t tell you what your spiritual gifts are, I will give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

Can you see your future?

Can you imagine the clarity in your life, if you knew your life purpose and the gifts you need to use to achieve it?

Can you imagine how your life would be transformed if your biggest blocks are removed?

Can you imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel by using your gifts to help others?

The universe is constantly answering your big, and not so big, questions. The bigger question is, “Do you want to listen to these answers?”

You have a choice.

You can continue to live as you are now, confused and unclear about why you are here. Hoping to get clarity through the same methods that have not served you so far. How long has that been?

Or you can take action now and receive the clarity you’ve longed for, ever since you awakened.

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Michael Sheridan, as featured here:



8 Week Online Course

Michael Sheridan

I developed this course over several years, as the best way to ensure your life transforms from listening to your dreams. I have packed it with every ingredient needed to get that positive transformation. I have also partnered with other experts, and I include one or more sessions with them as needed.

This course consists of several live webinars, and personal one to ones with Michael, educational video modules, and more. All can be viewed or joined from any computer, smart phone or tablet.

 Oh, wait! You also get this Bonus Training! 

Bonus #1: Dream Interpretation Training Modules
Value: $1,500

The 12 dream interpretation training modules are released two per week over 6 weeks. Each includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises and example dreams with interpretations. You can immediately apply the content of each module to the analysis of your own dreams.

Module 1: Know the Rules of Interpretation Before You Begin

At the end of this you will know the four rules of interpretation and have practice in determining the subject matter of a dream.

You will discover

  • Where your dreams come from and why it’s important to listen to them. 
  • How the First Rule of Dream Interpretation helps you stay objective when analyzing your dream. 
  • How symbols are linked so you know what you need to do to get the dream's promised result. 
  • What the characters in your dream mean. 
  • A simple technique to understand what the dream is asking you to do. 
  • Interactive practice to determine the subject matter of a dream.  
  • An easy to use formula to help you interpret your dreams. You will use this forever! 

You will receive

  • Access to a dictionary of symbols to use throughout the course. 

Module 2: Better Health with Dream Interpretation - The digestive & elimination systems

Now you've got the rules and a helpful formula, it's time for your first deep dive. You must be healthy enough to pursue your life purpose. For that reason, a huge number of your dreams take a personal interest in your physical health in the hopes that you will too.

You will discover

  • The major symbols used in dreams to indicate warning signs for digestive and elimination system problems.
  • How to apply the interpretation formula from module 1 to digestive and elimination system.
  • How to apply the rules from module 1 to health dreams about the digestive and elimination system.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols used to indicate your digestive and elimination system. 

Module 3: How to detect dreams that reveal Life Purpose and Your Spiritual Abilities

Our dreams constantly remind us of why we were born and identify the special abilities we brought with us. It is through using these we achieve our life purpose and fulfill any sacred contracts / pay karmic debts.

You will discover

  • How to tell when your dream is about your life purpose. 
  • Why so many of your dreams focus on your spiritual purpose. 
  • How your life purpose includes using your spiritual abilities to repay your karmic debts to others. 
  • How to tell if you are psychic (intuitive) or a counselor from your dreams. 

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are psychic or intuitive. 
  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are a counselor

Module 4: Stay Healthy Through Dream Interpretation - The Circulatory System

We all have male and female energy within us. An uninhibited flow of female energy is required to keep your heart healthy, to awaken or improve specific spiritual abilities and to improve relationships.

When it comes to the health of your heart dreams are invaluable. Heart related illness is the #1 killer of both men and women in the U.S. but your dreams tell you what to do to prevent it from happening to you.

You will discover:

  • How to tell when your dream is about your circulatory system. 
  • How to follow your dream's advice so you stay healthy.
  • How your dreams detail the root cause of heart related issues so you can address them to stay healthy.
  • What you can do to heal the root cause issues highlighted in your dreams.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate your heart and circulatory system.

Module 5: Discover Your Life Purpose - How to tell if you are a Hands-On Healer from Your Dreams

We explore hands-on healing and show how you can tell from your dreams if you have this gift. We also show you how to use it.

You will discover

  • The major symbols that indicate hands-on healing. 
  • How to tell if you are a hands-on healer from analyzing your dreams. 
  • What is feels like to use this ability. 
  • Legal ways you can use this ability. 

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are a healer.

Module 6: Discover Your Life Purpose - The Power of Your Mind

Here we explore special mental abilities and how to discover them by watching your dreams.

You will discover

  • The major symbols that indicate special mind powers.
  • How to tell if you are a hypnotist, absent healer or can do mental projection.
  • How to use this ability in a practical way so you can overcome obstacles in your path.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you have mind powers.

Module 7: Stay Healthy Through Dream Interpretation - The Reproductive System

The spirit world has a vastly different view of reproduction than western society. Women are the doorway between the spirit world and the physical world so reproduction can show up in dreams to ask that you improve your view of your gender.

In addition to health aspects, the reproductive system shows up in dreams to offer advice on child rearing.

You will discover

  • How to tell when your dream is about your reproductive system. 
  • How to follow your dream's advice.
  • How your dreams detail the root cause of reproductive system issues so you can address them to stay healthy.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate your reproductive system.

Module 8: Discover Your Life Purpose - Communication with Spirits

In this module we explore the gift of communicating with spirits. It is known as channeling or mediumship, and works in a number of ways. We explore each method with you and share how to identify it in your dreams.

You will discover:

  • Four different ways to channel and how to tell which way works for you.
  • How to run a channeling group so you can practice with others.
  • The major symbols that indicate channeling in dreams.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are a channel.

Module 9: Discover Your Life Purpose - Spiritual Teaching and Leadership

By the end of this module you will know how spiritual teaching and leadership work and how to tell if you brought this ability with you in this lifetime.

You will discover

  • The major symbols that indicate spiritual teaching and leadership.
  • How spiritual teaching and leadership works and how to use them.
  • Why it is important to share your wisdom when you know you have this ability.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are a spiritual teacher and leader.

Module 10: Discover Your Life Purpose - Writing

Writing is a vocation. Do you have what it takes? Your dreams tell if you do.

You will discover

  • Why it is important to write if you have this ability.
  • The major symbols that indicate writing in dreams.

You will receive

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are a writer.

Module 11: Discover Your Life Purpose - Do your dreams predict the future?

 In our last module on life purpose we explore dreams of a prophetic nature. This is an immensely practical ability and very easy to use.

You will discover

  • How to tell if you have a prophetic ability from your dreams.
  • How to tell symbolic dreams from prophetic ones so you don't panic over a disturbing dream.
  • The major symbols that indicate prophesy in dreams.

You will receive 

  • A PDF of the major symbols that indicate you are prophetic.

Module 12: The Meaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams

When it comes to colors we instinctively know what many of them mean and that meaning holds in dreams too. Were you ever red with anger, feeling blue or cowardly yellow? Here we explore the meaning of the most common colors. 

Many dreams are littered with numbers. In this module we also show you how they add to the interpretation of your dreams.

You will discover

  • How to interpret the numbers in your dreams.
  • Where the interpretation of colors comes from in dreams.  
  • How to use dream colors to fast track your analysis.  

You will receive

  • A PDF of what colors mean in dreams.  
  • A PDF color healing chart.
  • A PDF of what numbers mean in dreams.

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Remember, if you submit at least 15 dreams across the duration of the course and I can't tell you what your spiritual gifts are, I will give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

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