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Sara Jolena

Founder of Sequoia Samanvaya, LLC and designer of the ReMembering and ReEnchanting courses. Sara Jolena is a healer, Interdisciplinary Artist, Minister, and your teacher-guide on this journey. In service to the Divine and All Beings; on my own healing journey; in love with love and life and integration and growing and Sequoias.

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About this course

What a year 2020 is proving to be - and we are only/already at (er, officially just past) Summer Solstice! 

As the sun is at its height in the sky, take some time to reflect on what has come. Ground. Or, perhaps a more apt metaphor, strengthen your sea-legs.  Because the storms are not over. 

Note: major reflections can be emotional, such as the decade reflection. That is certainly true of this one, because so much has - and has not - occurred.  Plans were made and canceled. The unexpected became normal.  While the earth keeps circling Sun deprived of our "normal" social markers for time, from Easter in the Church to the morning stop at the local coffee shop on the way to a meeting to the sounds of traffic, our sense of time has itself shifted.   So for this one, let yourself feel the emotions. Plus the new moon is in cancer - all that water, and a lot of emotions are coming to the surface for everyone as we strive to create better structures of care, safety and concern. 

How it works:
After registering for the course, you will find the workbook on the ruzuku page.  Feel free to download it - print it out if that makes sense for your own process.

Please spend a few hours prior to our gathering going through the workbook, which will support you in reflecting on the time since Winter Solstice. As the lock downs became "locked down" close to the Vernal Equinox/Spring Planting Season, the last cycle is particularly important. 

During the online gathering you will be able to share with a group the patterns you sensed for yourself and for our collective socio-ecological system.  If you can't find a time to do this online, then we can set up a time to talk with me directly. However, groups are absolutely recommended!