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Sara Jolena

Founder of Sequoia Samanvaya, LLC and designer of the ReMembering and ReEnchanting courses. Sara Jolena is a healer, Interdisciplinary Artist, Minister, and your teacher-guide on this journey. In service to the Divine and All Beings; on my own healing journey; in love with love and life and integration and growing and Sequoias.

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About this course

Ground, Reflect, rebalance and align yourself with how you are being Called for the final months of 2019 using a Circular Calendar during this Autumnal Equinox. At this critical moment in our human-earth family,  bring forth the sacred into your time and thus your life.
We offer 4 live sessions (please just choose one) where together we enter the liminal space of sacred time.  Using the ancient practice of listening to deep time using a circular calendar, we will engage in the art of collective sensemaking on ecological, vocational, social, political, economic, personal and spiritual dimensions. Through listening to one another and being listened to at a deep level, we will weave together a pattern that will strengthen your personal, professional and vocational life.

After registering for the course, you will find the workbook on the ruzuku page. Please spend a few hours prior to our gathering to go through the worksheet which will enable you to reflect on the year thus far, on coming into alignment with the forces of the equinox.  The workbook introduces you to the basics of circular time; you will be able to use the process introduced on a regular basis as you continue to deepen into harmony in all areas of your individual and collective life.