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Donna Durbin

Donna is a world traveler, Certified American Accent Coach, entrepreneur, online course creator, educator, professional artist, mother, and grandmother. Her vision is to transform the world one voice at a time, by empowering non-native English speakers to pronounce American English with confidence. Using practical, step-by-step, techniques anyone can speak English clearly and effectively to be understood. She firmly believes that being multi-lingual is an advantage. Increasing your English pronunciation skills gives you the power to express yourself in all situations, and creates mutually respectful, comprehensible, compassionate, and successful interactions with others. We need your creativity, ideas, diverse perspectives and unique talents to thrive in the world. Join me. email: wk.832-895-1404 c. 832-366-6918

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ABC's of an American Accent in 8 weeks 

October 14 - December 8, 2019

 After years of studying English grammar, reading and writing,  do you get frustrated when people still can't understand you? Do you have to repeat yourself more than once a day? Do you feel insecure speaking English? If yes, this course is for you. This online course teaches you how to clearly speak American English.  Choose to start today, then speak with confidence in all your conversations.

UPGRADE OFFER $1097: VIP ABC's of American Accent includes 3 hours of Private Coaching during the 8 week course. 

In this 8 week Scheduled Course, weekly video lessons arrive in your inbox on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Each lesson has  multiple activities, practice  exercises and recorded audio assignments to learn techniques to change your accent. You will learn to identify the differences between speaking your 1st language and speaking English. By correcting those difference, you change your accent. The lessons are available to practice and repeat, at your convenience, forever. 

On Sunday at 8:00 CST, join our live Webinar on Zoom to review, ask questions and get real time coaching and feedback. The webinars can be replayed.  Being a part of the community will help you establish goals, accountability and practice partners. 

Think of all the benefits....

  • Your self-confidence grows
  • You fit in more comfortably in American culture
  • People understand you when you speak
  • Job performance ratings go up
  • You gain respect and credibility
  • Expressing yourself comes naturally in team & customer interactions
  • Personal and Professional Conversations are clearly understood
  • Presentations are effective, powerful and persuasive 
  • Your career opportunities expand
  • You make more money

This course teaches you the basic fundamental speaking skills, you did NOT learn in school.  Speaking is an unconscious habit. You will identify what to correct to sound more American.  Using these techniques will reprogram your brain to establish a new speaking  habit.

You will learn:

  • Mouth and tongue exercises to strengthen your muscles to say the English alphabet correctly
  • Correct placement of your tongue, mouth and lips for American English
  • The Consonant Families
  • Voiced and Unvoiced Consonant differences and why that's important
  • The Six Important Sounds of the American Accent
  • SCHWA - The most used sound in English.
  • Using Minimal Pair exercises and repetition to retrain your brain and muscles
  • 8 Note Scale for Intonation and Pitch Change
  • Stress: Which Syllables and Words need stress for emphasis
  • The Intonation Patterns of American English for fluency
  • The three rules for pronouncing the past tense "ed" 
  • The three rules for pronouncing /S/ as /Z/