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About this Course

Let us begin the New Year and 2014 empowering our lives with a spiritual journey around the directions of the Sacred Medicine Wheel with your 9 ANIMAL SPIRIT TOTEMS!

Beginning Monday, January 13, 2014, we will start our evenings of self-discovery and fun.  Each Monday we will meet in virtual circle via teleseminar at the Sacred Altar and Fire to connect with our totem animal for that direction.  Mona will lead a guided shamanic journey so that you receive the messages of wisdom from your personal animal totem for each direction of the Sacred Medicine Wheel.  The teachings that you receive will forge deeper and stronger connection to your shamanic world of existence.

There will be 10 classes encompassing 10 weeks of journeys for completion of your own personal totem medicine wheel and the gifts each directional animal totem has to offer.

Week 1 will discuss preparing your personal sacred altar space for each of our journeys and connection to the 4 elements. The following 9 weeks will be a guided audio journey to each of the directions to identify and unite with an animal totem around the sacred medicine wheel.

Have you never done a shamanic journey before?  Don't worry!  Each journey is guided and controlled with Mona Rain who brings all of her years of wisdom and experience to focus on creating a powerful experience for you.

Requirements for the Course:

  • Animal Medicine Deck of Cards - Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams is recommended but any Animal Medicine deck that you work with is fine
  • Quiet space to join the shamanic journey
  • Sage or incense to smudge your area
  • White candle (new each week to represent Fire)
  • Small bowl of water (refreshed each week to represent Water)
  • Crystal or feather (to represent Air)
  • Small container of soil or a rock (to represent Earth)
  • Altar cloth (optional)
  • Pen and notebook to record your experiences after the guided journey (you will receive a pdf each week to help you document your experience)


Directions of the 9 Totems (as adapted from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams) 

Week 1:    Creating your Sacred Circle Altar for the classes

Week 2:   Left Side ~ protector of your Inner Feminine    

Week 3:   Right Side ~ protector of your Inner Masculine

Week 4:   Within ~ protector of your Sacred Space

Week 5:   East ~ totem of birth, illumination

Week 6:   West ~ totem of introspection, personal truth

Week 7:   North ~ totem of wise council, gratitude

Week 8:   South ~ totem of innocence, child within

Week 9:   Above ~ guardian of the Dreamtime

Week 10:  Below ~  grounding on the Red Road


What To Expect:

* Stronger connection with your creative God/Goddess force 

* Self Discovery & Self Empowerment

* Increased intuitive abilities

* Experiential Shamanic Journeys & Shamanic Journeying Skills

* Stronger relationship to the animal kingdoms

* Wisdom from the Elders that assist us

* Healing ~ Peace ~ Harmony 

* Guiding your way through the animals wisdom to healing your body, emotions, mind, and spirit 

* Providing insight into and understanding of one's unique purpose in life

* Healing ~ Peace ~ Harmony 

* Fun & Laughter & Community



Mona Rain

More about Your Guide for this course - Mona Rain:

Mona Rain is an Andean Shamanic Practitioner and Integrative Energy Worker.  Her specialties are experiential Shamanic Journeys, Distance Healing, Advanced Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Spiritual Vision Quests.  She also leads sacred journeys several times a year to Peru.  Mona Rain's path on Pachamama is assisting and allowing others to remember their profound connection to our Earth Mother and Her elements.  Mona's passion is creating and sharing with others sacred space through prayer, shamanic ritual and ceremony with Pachamama and respect for all sentient beings as we walk and pray on Her belly again.   Pachamama is our divine Mother, re-birthing us to remember the divine light we incarnated to be in these auspicious times.

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