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Nellie Wortman

I believe that we all have a story to tell and everywhere we go we leave evidence of this and it through my pieces of art, that I share my stories. I love working with old, tattered, vintage and recycled items and incorporate them into my pieces of art and give them a new breathe of life.

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About this course

I have had a passion for creating books for over 23 years and have created hundreds of books within that time. One of my favorites to create, are small books, that can be held within the palm of your hands. There is something to be said, for holding a piece of art that you created, that captures the memories or moments that you wish to revisit time and again. I have created a class, that is exactly this. I will teach and show you how to create this small book, that holds and captures bits and pieces of that special day, event or moment. How to bring paper, paints, fabrics and embellishments together, to tell your story. Whether you create this book for yourself or as a gift, it will surely be a book, that will be cherish for years to come.