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Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, C-IAYT, CGP

Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, C-IAYT, CGP, guides women who have had cancer through the process of emotional recovery. A licensed clinical social worker and yoga therapist in the kundalini yoga tradition, Kelly offers weekly classes, therapy groups, retreats and a new online program Healing Well: Reconnecting with Your Life After Cancer. Integrating group psychotherapy and yoga in her private practice for 20 years, she is the founder of Joy Boots for Cancer Survivors and Yoga andTalk® Therapy Groups. Check out her website and subscribe to receive free meditations and newsletter. She lives with her husband and daughter in Austin, Texas. She is also a 12 year cancer survivor.

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About this course

Cancer is hard, and feeling alone with the aftermath of diagnosis and treatment makes it so much harder.  

You long for a deeper healing and to feel understood.  And yet, it can be hard to express your feelings.  You may even have buried them away in order to get through the worst of the treatment. You may also have the idea that others are uncomfortable hearing the truth about the impact cancer has had on you.

This six week course, which begins November 3, 2019,  guides you through 6 Essential Principles for Emotional Recovery after Cancer.  Think of it as your framework for emotional healing. 

Licensed psychotherapist (and 12 year cancer survivor) Kelly Inselmann has helped hundreds of women who have battled cancer only to find a second battle waiting for them on the other side. The trauma of diagnosis and treatment causes collateral emotional damage that can feel like an unrelenting weight on your life, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Using the 6 Principles, as well as specially chosen practices  from survivorship group therapy,  therapeutic yoga, and meditation, Kelly will help you move from isolation to vitality and connection.  

This course is your invitation to contemplate and integrate your cancer experience so you don't remain stuck in it and so you can heal.

You didn’t choose the identity of cancer survivor, yet here you are. 

Give yourself two gifts today. 

First, give yourself credit for making it this far. 

Second, give yourself a framework for gaining clarity, vitality, self compassion, and stability of mind so that you can move forward feeling alive and ready for what is next. 

Cancer doesn’t have to be a life sentence of depression and anxiety.  In fact, there may be times you feel more awake to how fragile and tender and precious life is.  But survivors need safe spaces and community to fully integrate the many parts of this frightening, painful, infuriating, awakening, transcendent, and altogether life changing experience.  

You CAN renew the pulse of your life by befriending your body and heart with compassion.  Our work together is to begin to identify and acknowledge emotional pain and suffering so you can clear it out and RECONNECT with the pulse of your life. 

  • A safe place to share your journey in company with other women.
  • The permission to explore what’s next in your emotional and physical recovery.
  • Structure and non judgmental encouragement to create a regular meditation/contemplation practice to support your new way of being.
  • Recordings of healing meditations and visualizations for daily use between sessions.
    This six-week online program starts January 12, 2020.