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We support children, families, and adults in all aspects of the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Being diagnosed with ADHD is not an end. It’s a beginning. A fresh start. And with Springboard Clinic’s combined medical, psychological and coaching expertise, it’s an opportunity to find hope in every step of your ADHD journey as you move forward and thrive in your life.

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About this course

The Perfect Partner to: May We Have Your Attention Please? A Springboard Clinic Workbook for Living--and Thriving--with Adult ADHD

We know that having ADHD can be hard, exhausting, frustrating and bewildering. We wrote this workbook to help adults of all walks of life go through a process of finding peace and contentment, alongside their ADHD. We have heard wonderful feedback about the powerful experience this workbook has been for many individuals with ADHD; But, we have also had many requests for more support, accountability and community on their journeys. Readers, we are listening. Open your copy of May We Have Your Attention Please? and work alongside us. This course is designed to accompany you one exercise at a time. Together, we can build a vibe of hope, where you can find the energy to work through a process of healing with ADHD. Learn how to minimize ADHD’s impact, and be your best self alongside others who are on similar paths.