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Mindy Lacefield

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am inspired and paint from the nostalgia of my childhood. Channeling my inner 8 year old. Painting my dreams into reality. I teach. I learn. I play. I make mistakes. I celebrate those mistakes because they become happy, magical moments from the Divine.

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About this course

Are you ready to print your artwork in a booklet/zine format? I have a crazy-simple way of creating zines and booklets without using complicated software. We will be uploading our artwork and have a contact to do all the heavy lifting with the printing. They are super affordable and great to work with. I will walk you through all the design work and how to add text, images, and other elements to your zine.

**IMPORTANT note: This class is how to design and get zines printed using a printing company. this is NOT a class on how to print them at home.

I love making zines as inspirational artwork pictures as well as class material and tutorials. Such a valuable tool to have something to hold. 

  • Registration: $25
  • how to create and design your own printed zine or booklet
  • screenshot video recordings of me walking you through the process. 
  • I show you the company I use for printing and exactly how to create your file. It is easier than you think!
  • take you through the ordering process
  • how to create your file and the exact measurements
  • optional photoshop lesson of how to create a PNG file to use in your zine

Things you'll need for the class

  • high speed internet
  • artwork to create a zine ( you can use unfinished "samples" for the learning process)
  • basic computer skills (double clicking, click and drag, highlight etc....)
  • photoshop - optional. i'm teaching one short lesson to show you how to create a PNG file
  • $$ to purchase your zine copies. for example 20 zines cost around $80


Does this class cover how to scan your artwork?   No, this assumes you already have artwork scanned and ready to use to create a zine. If you are looking into scanning and printing, then be sure and check out my Create your own Printsclass.

How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. Videos are downloadable

Will there be a Facebook group? No sorry. we will share in the classroom.

How long will you be here fielding questions and offering suggestions? I will be on board with you until December 31st, 2019. After that time, the class will become self paced.