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Erich Hunter Ph.D.-

Please visit for latest updates. Thanks. Dr. Erich Hunter teaches his pioneering approach to Pendulum Healing practitioners internationally. He is the author of three innovative books on Pendulum Healing and has taught over a thousand practitioners this energy healing method. Erich also designs high-vibration, custom healing pendulums.

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About this course

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Shamanism is a modern-day practice that connects you to nature and the spirit world for healing, balance and wisdom. 

It is not to be confused with traditional spiritual and ceremonial practices that are often mistakenly referred to as shamanism. 

In this course we will clearly define modern-day shamanism, go over how to practice it, and discuss how you can use your pendulum to enhance your shamanic experiences.

There is also discussion of how to respectfully participate in traditional  spiritual practices and ceremonies.

Topics include:

  • Defining shamanism, a modern practice inspired by the past
  • Respecting indigenous cultures and practices
  • The three worlds of shamanism
  • Walking between worlds: Communicating and forming relationships with spirits, plants, animals and nature
  • Pendulum Healing for shamanic drum journeying
  • How to create your own shamanic drum journey experience at home, or in nature
  • Pendulum Healing for (legal) shamanic plant medicine experiences
  • Pendulum Healing for respectful and high consciousness participation in indigenous cultural experiences
  • How to learn about your own indigenous heritage and spiritual roots to create  your own practices and traditions

In making this course I have drawn upon my practice of modern day shamanism along with my experiences with traditional ceremonies led by indigenous American, African, Balinese, and Peruvian elders/healers/spiritual teachers.


  • Strengthen your connection to nature and the spirit world for enhanced healing and harmony
  • Rediscover a way of being that was lost during the modernization experienced by our ancestors
  • Begin incorporating shamanism in your personal spiritual practice and healing
  • Gain a new appreciation of traditional culture and wisdom

No previous experience necessary. This course is highly valuable both for beginners and experienced people.

The program consists of pre-recorded video mini lessons available for viewing online 24/7

You will receive a detailed handout with figures, commands, and step by step protocols.

If you have an interest in "walking between worlds" and gaining a deeper connection to nature and spirits this course is for you.

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*Please note that this course does not endorse cultural appropriation, nor pretending to be an indigenous person. I am aware  of the destructive legacy of colonialism and modernization on indigenous cultures around the world. The approach presented here is not based on any particular cultural tradition and represents a modern way to reconnect to nature and the spirit world. At all times I stress the importance of respecting traditional cultures and provide insights into how to respectfully participate in traditional ceremonies if you are privileged enough to be invited to partake in one.