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Riikka Rajamäki

I’m a Finland native living in Marin County, California. I've a 20+ years of experience in healing arts as a massage therapist, holistic nutritionist and certified Spirit Coach®. I love playing with words, food and my imagination. I believe that life is an active meditation. Being fully present while we brush our teeth, watch the news, drink our morning coffee, and sit down to pay our bills is our biggest contribution to our own health and the health of our planet. As the founder of The Daily Nothing practice, I inspire people walk a little slower, smell the roses and leave enough time for cuddles and home-made pies! Especially during the holidays! You can find out more about my work at and

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About this Course

A Modern Day Medicine Wheel

A 4-month online course for women who are ready to rise from the ashes.

This program is for the heart that knows it’s time.

The Quest has two parts: emptying out + filling up.

. . . Ebb + flow.
. . . Yin + Yang.

Designed to help you find inspiration + reconciliation through nature, art and archetypes . . .

This is a healing journey like no other.

This Program is . . .

. . .a modern-day medicine wheel where women can come together to feel, explore and share their losses
. . . a deep transformation to the other side of grief + confusion
. . . a powerful entry point to new possibilities – beyond limiting beliefs, concepts and conditioning
. . . a chance for you to meet your unborn child’s spirit to gain understanding, wisdom and forgiveness
. . . an opportunity to claim your power in the world
. . . a place to become whole again
. . . a paradigm shifter that will expand your perspective, allowing more light + understanding into your life
. . . an introduction to simple meditation techniques that you can integrate into your daily life
. . . unlike any other retreat you’ve ever experienced
. . . a community of women who are committed to supporting one another to heal and be free - and who are full of the highest + best intentions for every participant
. . . a neutral place to discover your next step as a peaceful, empowered and purposeful woman
. . . highly confidential


This Program is NOT . . .

. . . a lecture or a class in a traditional sense – it requires that you are 100% willing to participate fully
. . . part of any religion, political party, cult or movement – it has no dogma, sense of right or wrong, or a set formula
. . . a place to judge, criticize or blame other participants, even when their choices + belief systems may be radically opposite from yours
. . . able to provide help or support to anyone who is mentally unstable or under medical supervision 


This is for you if . . .

  • you’ve had a miscarriage or an abortion
  • you’re ready to start the healing process
  • you feel isolated and alone
  • you’re emotionally spent
  • you’re confused + overwhelmed about how to move forward
  • you feel depressed, have low energy and little interest in life – like something is missing
  • you’re asking: IF everything happens for a reason, what’s the reason for this?
  • you’re blaming yourself – and you’re not able to move beyond the guilt + shame (but would like to)
  • you’re ready + willing to face parts of yourself that are not pretty, comfortable or easy
  • you feel ready to explore the choices (unconscious + conscious) that led you to this place
  • you sense that you’re changing inside, but you lack the tools + the knowledge to allow you to live with + relate to it
  • you want to learn meditation techniques to help you connect with your intuition + unique abilities