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Judith Pinto

Judith Pinto is an experienced educator and child development specialist who is passionate about children, music, nature, and animals of all kinds. As a mother and helping professional, she has learned from many children (and their parents) over the past 3 decades. She provides highly experiential online training opportunities to help caregivers feel confident in their ability to meet their child's most important need: to feel secure in their relationship with their parent. All of Judith's educational offerings integrate her interest and understanding of brain development and attachment theory with a deep respect and compassion for the perfect imperfection of the human condition. Judith is currently working on developing her expertise as an online educator. NOTE: Judith's offerings do not replace therapy for children or their families. If there is a need for direct therapy, please explore options to work with regulated professionals in your geographic area.

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About this course

Thank you for your interest in learning how to help your child get a better night's sleep.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting to improve your child's sleep (maybe even so YOU get a better night's sleep!), this talk will help you get clear on where to begin and how to problem solve next steps.