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Embodiment Matters

We are Somatic Naturalists and Embodiment Mentors. We are honored to steward of a living body of work we call Integrative Embodiment. We live in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, with our amazing 11-year old son, a wild and wonderful kitty, a python, a gecko, and a bunch of hilarious hens. We are trained as Feldenkrais Practitioners, Embodied Life Instructors, Tai Chi teachers, Community Grief Tenders, a Work That Reconnects facilitator (Erin) yoga teacher and therapist (Erin) and a Structural Integrator (Carl.) We are also long-time meditators deeply grateful for our deep roots in the Lojong and Dzogchen traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. We host a podcast, write, work with private clients, teach courses, workshops, and retreats and we absolutely LOVE our work. We're so happy you're here!

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About this course


Some reasons the cultivation of Hara is essential:

  • It is a doorway back to your embodied presence
  • It is implicitly connected with the ground, the Earth, which is a connection modern humans desperately need to nurture
  • It offers a direct experience of being centered
  • It supports you in moving with coherence such that all parts of you moving in alignment with your intentions
  • Hara is our original source of nourishment, and offers a place where we can cultivate a sense of “enoughness”
  • Hara is an essential part of our embodied truth and bullshit detector
  • Growing Hara can help keep other people’s concepts of beauty and strength out of your body
  • Embodying this part of yourself can help you to learn how to more fully inhabit and experience moments of grief, joy, passion, and ordinariness – life itself
  • An empowered hara helps immensely with reducing or eliminating back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • An empowered hara helps you to embody your power.
  • People with hara are much less easily manipulated by advertising, propaganda, scarcity, narcissists, conventional reality, and etc.
  • Hara is connected with Soul, Earth, Duende, and your animal body knowing
  • Hara allows for full belly laughter, full belly grieving – a more fully human life
  • Hara can move fast but is never in a hurry
  • In Japan, rather than saying that a wise person “has a good head on her shoulders” they say, “She has good belly.” Grow good belly! It’s a key to grounded, embodied wisdom.


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We hope you’ll consider joining us in November in the Embodiment Lab!

Wishing you a beautiful homecoming to your own empowered belly, pelvis and lower back,

Carl & Erin