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Emma Bragdon, PhD

Director of Integrative Mental Health University (IMHU). Licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988--now a teacher and coach at and onsite. Author of 6 quite serious books and an amusing and informative booklet that pokes fun at the new Bible of Psychiatry, the DSM-5. Emma has been deeply involved in bridging spirituality and mental health since 1966. She lives in VT, USA.

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About this course

 10 Ways to Add Spirituality to Mental Health Care and Why

Find out more about the resources in other cultures for promoting optimal mental health.  You may be inspired to bring new knowledge to your own community and church with what you learn--or simply improve your own mental health and that of your family and friends.

One thing we talk about is meditation and prayer.  Consider wtih us, how would your life change--

  • if you had a consistent practice of meditation and/or prayer? 
  • if you had a lived experience of connection with the Creator?
  • if you had a spiritual buddy(s) and you could get to the roots of such questions as "Why are we here?  Where do we go at death?  What happens in the transition we call death?" (without anyone pushing one theory or the other)
  • if your experience of the Creator was of an energy that is non-judgmental and loving?

Most likely you would feel more at peace with yourself and your life.  Research has shown us this--after measuring the effects of meditation on thousands of people.   If you focus on spiritual practice diligently, you might even be uplifted to an ever-new bliss that goes far beyond the transient happiness that comes with a new car, a new house, etc.  Even if you practice the simplest forms, you will find meditation relieves pain, moderates stress responses, and lifts depression.

If you have been suffering from anxiety or depression, you will find that taking up a spiritual practice that includes meditation will lessen  such darkness, and give you more energy and more spontaneous happiness.  It's free.  Has no negative side effects.  Sound good?

Agenda:  Listen to Emma Bragdon's pre-recorded webinar, watch the colorful slides, and notice how this expands your view of what is possible for you and your community.  Then, follow thru with some action steps...perhaps some more reading?  Viewing of films? Ways to get involved with meditation?  Further dialogue with community members who are concerned with how to improve mental health?

 You'll also get some good ideas in the Resource Section of the course.  And, finally contemplate what you want to do to make the changes you feel moved to make.  The course will give you some guidance in that process.

What others say:

"The webinar was wonderful. The straightforward approach to delivering challenging concepts balanced by supporting an Optimal Wellness potential, the whole person paradigm, is so key to redefining the normal that has been standardized...people want to know where they're going and what that looks like. The Spiritism metaphysical and existential meaning of illness as an opportunity to becoming more loving and wise, can only be a huge relief to those grasping at straws to make meaning of their mental or physical pain."- Terry Monell, MA

 Audience: This course will be of interest to anyone interested in reducing stigma, encouraging healing and growth, and improving mental health care resources in their communities.  It will also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about Spiritism, spiritualism in Brazil, meditation, prayer, and optimizing mental health.  Highly recommended for healthcare providers to expand their own ideas of what is available in treatment, and think about making changes in the environment in which they now work.

Format:  This course is open: you can take it when you want to...or when you are with the person(s) you want to share it with.  You can access it from your computer or mobile device or tablet.  There is one module and 4 activities.  This can take a couple hours  to complete--or more, depending on your interest in following through with suggested reading and viewing.  You can pick it up and put it down at your convenience.  There is no time limit on your participation.

  1. Meet the Facilitator through a brief video
  2. Listen to the Webinar
  3. Review Resources for Further Inspiration
  4. Choose Your Next Steps

Facilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhD is the Founder/ Director of the Integrative Mental Health University,  She has a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and was licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988.  She has been a meditator since 1966.  She has published 7 books and co-produced 2 documentary films on themes related to spirituality and  health.

Cost:  $19.50 for personal use.  Please contact us if you want to show this in a public offering to a group.  We are not opposed--we simply want to be informed and get feedback.  A donation to help support IMHU is always encouraged.  We depend on fees to fund our ongoing work.

Payment: via paypal or with a credit card of your choice.  Click on paypal button above and you will be guided how to proceed.  This is a secure site.

Note: This brief course is educational.  It is not a replacement for professional assistance.  If you are in personal crisis, please consult a trusted healthcare provider for more intensive, personal help.