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Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

Lisa is a Waldorf homeschooling, homemaking, heart and hearth tending mother of two who has worked with parents and children for 30 years in many capacities, wearing many caps: as a midwife, Waldorf early childhood educator, parent educator, group facilitator, caregiver and parent. She has trained and served in midwifery, childbirth education, Waldorf early childhood education, HypnoBirthing and Simplicity Parenting. She has served on the board of directors for LifeWays North America and on the WECAN Birth to Three Task Force. Lisa lives with her family in rural Vermont where she gardens and cooks, looks after hens, runs a business, and strives to parent from a place of slow and simple.

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About this Course

Celebrate Daily Life with Children in February

~ a living curriculum program

Materials + eCourse

The Celebrating the Rhythm of Life in Caring for Children in February  ~ living curriculum:

  • Start Up Guide :: Begin Where You Are
  • Finding Daily Rhythm with Yourself 
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rhythm Plan (if you want it sketched out ~ it's here) 
  • Guide for putting it all together 
  • Circle, Song, Story, Fingerplay and Movement games for the Nursery child (3-4) and the Kindergarten child (5-6) 
  • Fairy Tale ideas for the month
  • Nature Story Curriculum for the Nursery Child 
  • Puppetry ideas to go along with the stories for each month 
  • Menus with Recipes describing the grains of the Waldorf kindergarten (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea)  and including seasonal foods and recipes for each month.
  • Meal Planning Support
  • Housework Rhythms
  • Handwork for each month with hands on tutorial 
  • Celebration and Festival background and songs, story, recipes and ideas for gathering to celebrate
  • Seasonal foods to plant, harvest, prepare and eat with children 
  • In the Morning Garden ~ a tip each month for group programs 
  • Afterchool Care of the child ~ Rhythm and Rest, Activities, Festival Life, Movement Games and Stories for the grade school child
  • Explanation of the underlying developmental needs of the child in Waldorf early childhood, the whys  
  • Pedagogy behind the topic 
  • Practical activity to accompany monthly topic 
  • Exercise to do with the topic ~ practice 
  • Reflection ~ questions for nurturing the inner life 
  • Private online discussion group where we discuss parenting concerns, balancing it all, how to best use the curriculum material, balancing housework, bringing in artistic activities, self care and most of all finding the rhythm that best supports our own families and tending to that rhythm with care, creativity and consciousness.
  • Posts through the month on the focus topic 
  • Ideas for creating community where you live 
  • Resources for finding high quality and affordable materials 
  • Ongoing discussion through the month 
  • Consultation through the month or year depending on the type of membership
Deepen your connection with your child
Our work with rhythm is grounded in our relationship with our child. We'll look at specific things we can do to forge a strong connection with our child and create the space for all to unfold within the rhythm of the home. Discipline problems tend to diminish with strong rhythms and connection.

Is this a Homeschool Curriculum?
Yes and no. This is a question I wrestle with all the time. The stories, circles and activities are chosen with care to deeply nourish children, create a mood of wonder and awe. This program supports you to develop a way of life that comes out of homemaking and self development, one that reflects your family’s values.

On the one hand we know that the adult and a rich rhythmic home life is the curriculum in early childhood. This program supports you to find your stride and create spaciousness in your family life to create and sustain healthy rhythms for your family and to take up some of the most delightful aspects of childhood: creativity, wonder, enchantment, beauty and goodness along with self care and healthy boundaries.

On the other hand, the support material contains songs, verse, stories, puppetry, recipes, inner work, handwork and more to nourish a beautiful, strong rhythmic connection with the natural world and celebrate the rhythm of life through the year with your child. So yes, it is a curriculum in that sense. 

The materials and support come out of my nearly twenty years experience of teaching and mothering children in the nursery and kindergarten years and are of the caliber one would find in a lovely Waldorf kindergarten program. I also bring the experience of my work with parents experiencing pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood that spans nearly twenty five years. I am so pleased to be able to share these practical skills and experience in ways that are ongoing and truly supportive.
Come join in, create community, find support, receive encouragement!

This program/curriculum guides and supports parents, child care providers, homemakers, early childhood educators and those who work with young children to find a deeper understanding of the needs of children, Waldorf education, self knowledge, rhythm, play, strength, nourishment and community, in the task of caring for children.



includes the eCourse Love :: The Heart of Discipline