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Katherine Sanders

I work with progressive leaders interested in improving the health of their work systems.

I have a BS, MS & PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering, specializing in Human Factors.

That means I'm a work system engineer who focuses on employee and organizational health. My research area was occupational stress, so I'm well-versed in how chronic stress erodes health.

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About this course


On-Demand, $130

Creating a healthy, resilient organization is about more than safety.  Safety is necessary, but it's a starting place, not an ending place.  To create more resiliency and capacity in your organization, start by looking at work as a system.

This two-hour program introduces concepts so that you can:

  • inject more life-affirming characteristics into the work your people are doing
  • find ways to increase employee capacity and decrease burnout
  • build more resilient work processes and structures
  • invest in initiatives that create more sustainability for the organization

Use it like a book, returning to it whenever you have time and interest.  If you'd like to discuss what you're learning with me and/or other participants, let's catch up in my free monthly First Fridays video calls.  The zoom info is included within this program.


Healthy Work Systems is an evergreen program.  I periodically update the content (without adding to the length of the program) and let you know what's new. 

It's available to you 24/7 for as long as I teach on Ruzuku.  If ever I decide to move to another platform, I'll let you know where this content will land, and will make every effort to make sure you still have access to it.


Evergreen online courses are like DVDs or CDs in that, once they have been opened, they cannot be returned.  There are no refunds for my evergreen courses.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, send me an email at