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Tonya S

Tonya is an Image, Style, and Organization Coach who enjoys helping ladies to discover the often “hidden” potential in their wardrobe or spaces in their home. As a Certified Fashion Consultant, Business Image Consultant, Color Consultant, (and a Mom!), she offers a wide range of Personal Image and Style services, as well as virtual services and programs for Personal Shopping and Professional Organizing— all designed to achieve no fuss, less stress style, with good humor and a lot of encouragement along the way!

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About this course

“More Effortless Style  Is Ready For You…

Are You Ready For IT???”

How To Finally STOP Your Closet and Wardrobe Struggles - and Turn The Chaos and Overwhelm Into Possibilities For New Beginnings!


Hi Friend,

Every day you’re hit with the  "what to wear?" question.

You find out about an event at the last minute, you spill coffee, makeup (or worse!) on your shirt right before a meeting, your husband changes your dinner plans to somewhere a little "fancier"…it NEVER stops.

And other times what you experience is HUGE…you gain / lose weight or have a baby and suddenly nothing in your closet fits, your job or clients disappear and shopping just isn't in the budget at the present, or you’ve changed jobs or careers... or are now an empy-nester…and that closet of clothes simply does not "work" for you anymore...

I know some of that sounds very alarming, but it’s also very true.  We deal with our clothes and what we wear every single day, and can’t always plan for it.  But what you can do…what you MUST do if you want getting dressed to be more effortless and less stressful…is learn HOW TO BEST HANDLE the style dilemmas that you are presented with.

That’s why I’m offering you a spot in my BRAND NEW self-paced online style course…


Dress Like the Boss You're Meant to Be:

A Guide to Using  the Positive Power of Fashion!

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You don’t have to be a celebrity, or style “guru” to deal well with personal style and dressing.   All you need is a subtle shift in perspective and a little training…but unfortunately, most ladies never recognize this, and thus most end up making costly mistakes, not only on clothes they never wear, but with image mistakes caused by lack of confidence or knowledge. You don’t have to be one of those people!

You can start dealing well with your current or changing style NOW, and handle your short and long term goals with grace and ease…which sure beats the alternative.  After all, when you let your closet challenges bowl you over, you not only have to eventually deal with that, but also have to deal with the effects of YOUR STRESS from the challenges…which can sometimes extend far beyond your own life, and into the lives of your loved ones.

Who needs THAT ???

Dress Like the Boss You're Meant to Be is here to help.

In this transformational  5 step training, you'll discover…

How to identify the colors and styles that are right for your personal and business goals…

Secret tricks to transform closet chaos into one that makes sense…

How to embrace new changes and body challenges, and use them to your advantage… 

                                                                                                                        The surge of confidence that comes from knowing that you are looking and being your best…

And much more…

You see, it’s really not that bad…

In fact,  evolving personal style, like many other things in life,  is often a sign of exciting new possibilities and new opportunities. Sometimes things have to change a little so that better things can come together.  

Fortunately,  there are simple strategies out there to help you embrace even a transitioning style    -and move toward your goals with much more ease.

Think of Dress Like the Boss You're Meant to Be as a complete “style system upgrade” that will leave you re-programmed and better able to handle your wardrobe woes. 

Here is a brief sampling of what you'll learn during the training…

  • Your Body Shape...What is it?
  • We will identify your general body type and discover how this relates to your clothing and shopping choices.
  • Your Clothes for Work (and play!)
  • One of the main keys to dressing well and with more ease is to have a plan for any situation.  In the course, you will realize why this so important.
  • Seeing Color Differently
  • Although changing some of the colors that you "like" to wear can be difficult, the results of wearing colors that are "best" for you are often extremely positive.  And with a few simple shifts, you can still wear the colors that you "like" too.
  • Personal Style and Branding 
  • Image and Style has the power to show us just how possible it is to tap into the inner you and then express it on the outside …when you learn the tricks  to make it work for you and not against you. 

As I said, this is a power-packed course, and it’s full of insights, inspirations and tools that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

And oh, and did I mention the Introductory Price of  just $169...

  which includes a Personal Q & A  Style Bonus?  


Yes,  I  want to give you the opportunity to have  a Virtual “Ask Me Anything” Closet/ Style Session with me! 

(30 minutes via video... schedule with me whenever you’re ready !)

So what’s the excuse?  Don’t waste another second worrying about your wardrobe and personal style.  

I mean, you have far more important things to concern yourself with, right?

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To Your Style Success,


P.S. If there’s someone in your life who could benefit from this training, by all means, SEND THEM THIS LINK. 

I promise you…they’ll thank you for it.