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Sara Wiseman is a visionary teacher of spiritual intuition. She has taught students the world over via her books, courses and training. Sara is the founder of Intuition University, hosts The Mystic School and Spiritual Psychic podcasts and is the creator of Divine Oracle. For FREE resources, visit

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About this course

Sometimes, we wake up and find ourselves stuck.  We suddenly realize that the path we’ve been on—even if it’s a path we’ve consciously chosen for ourselves—just isn’t working any more. 

It can be scary to recognize this stuckness. It can be uncomfortable to find ourselves dissatisfied or disappointed in one or more areas of our lives, including:

• Primary relationship: your partner/lover/spouse
• Family: your family members, ancestry, clan
• Friends: your social life, acquaintances, colleagues
• Life’s work/career
• Wealth/financial security
• Possessions: what you own and care for
• Home: where you live and how you live there
• Environment: your region, the natural world that surrounds you
• Body/health: how you inhabit your human container
• Past times: what you do in your free time
• Routines: how you spend your time
• Habits: your addictions, the choices that compel you
• Traditions: practices you return to over time
• Belief systems: what you believe and think about

Get unstuck and  live in Flow 

When you learn the process of moving from stuck to Flow, you learn a process that you can use again and again, in every aspect of your life. As you become conscious of how Flow works, you’ll be able to:

• Quickly spot when you are stuck.
• Quickly identify when you are in the "gap".
• Easily see the state of Flow you are moving toward.

In addition:

• You will not be paralyzed by fear of change.
• You will not be afraid to move forward.
• You will not find the gap stage chaotic or distressing.
• You'll detach from the grasping states of fear and pain.
• You'll learn to follow Flow faster and more easily. 

This course is a 7-day immersion.
We'll use meditation, journaling and exercises in the real world.