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Meghan O'Malley

Holistic Life Leadership Coach, Community Builder, and Fierce Lover of living into the beautiful messiness of growth, connection, truth, and expansion.

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About this course

The  journey starts on JANUARY 11th, 2020!


As women, we are taught from a very early age that “fitting in” and making nice are the secrets to our success in both relationships and career. THIS is NOT true! (Trust me, I’ve learned it the hard way)

Boundaries are a passion of mine because I see this sacred toolbox (yes, it IS a toolbox, just one that most of us didn’t get growing up) as the very thing that has the ability to elevate and empower women to do and be all that they are. Helloooo badassery, right?! 

I know and work with many outwardly strong and “successful” women who still navigate challenges in the boundaries department, and this lack of strong, clear boundaries can be a painful, and often invisible, roadblock to desired flavors of connection, true empowerment, and authentic self-esteem. The good news is that we can ALL grow in the realm of boundaries, and when we commit to that growth, magic happens, relationships deepen, and we create more clarity, success and empowered alignment throughout our life than we ever knew possible. Sounds awesome, right?! It. . .  IS!!!

The thing is, I wasn’t great with boundaries for a LOT of my life. I was a rockstar at "achieving" and figuring out who I needed to be so that OTHERS could be comfortable, so they’d like me, and so that I could fit in and get recognized, but when it came to standing up for MY truth and needs, I was usually like “Who? Me? What needs??? I’m totally fine over here!” I had to wrestle with this topic, fail (a LOT), practice uncovering MY truth and desires, courageously succeed at standing up for myself, build capacity to be uncomfortable and to disappoint others (blech), and fine tune it over and over. . .  and over again to get to this point, and I'm thrilled to share my hard-earned wisdom with YOU! 

I’m far from perfect ( in SO many ways!), and I’ve learned that there is ALWAYS another level of boundary badassery to be navigated if we’re open to it, but I can confidently claim the fact that I practice this stuff EVERY DAY, I’m pretty damn clean and clear with my boundaries at this point in my life, and I believe wholeheartedly that boundaries are a central component in my ability to create (and maintain) the magical relationships I'm now able to enjoy with both others AND myself. . . and I'm on a mission to support other women in having access this path!  When we start standing up for ourselves, we connect with our authentic sense of personal power and not only do we feel safer, more supported and more fulfilled in all areas of our lives, but those seemingly elusive things like worthiness, self-esteem, and trust in ourselves start to expand naturally. . . .like magic! 

You ready?! I am!

Here's what’s included:

Heart-Centered Badassery E-book: You'll receive the e-book as soon as you register so that you can dive in and start simmering on the boundary juiciness before the course is released on January 11th.

Self-paced Course (your boundary toolbox):  After you read the e-book, this online virtual course will invite you to explore the content of the E-book a bit more deeply through journal prompts, guided meditation, etc. 

Live weekly “Brunch & Badassery” calls: These calls will take place during the lunch hour (1:00 EST) for four weeks via zoom video (on 1/17, 1/24, 1/31, and 2/7). All calls will be recorded and emailed to registered participants so no worries if you aren’t able to make every live call, you can still get the scoop.


The investment for ALL of this Heart-Centered Boundary Badassery is only $55! 

I created this accessible offering because I have a vision of this content spreading far and wide, of women stepping into their voice and power like never before, and of relationships improving beyond measure! THAT is what most people I work with hunger for and THAT the world I want for all of us!

I can't wait to take this journey with you, sister!