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Richard and Kimberly Wilson

Corporate trainers, activators and networkers of societal transforming Christians. Executive Directors of Watchmen Arise International, Inc. and authors of "Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp" and "Preparing for Battle: Developing the Lifestyle of a Victorious Prayer Warrior"

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About this course

Join Richard & Kimberly Wilson each week for the Kingdom Advancement Call.  We will be teaching and discussing various topics each week ranging from:

  • Ekklesia Culture
  • Collaborative Relationships
  • Kingdom Understanding
  • Societal Transformation
  • Mobilized Prayer

Calls are Monday nights @ 6:45 P.M. (EST)

Recordings of the calls will be available each week.

Join today:  Cost $40.00/month subscription.

You may join and/or cancel at anytime.  No long term commitment required.