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Hashimoto.Help is an evidence-based eHealth Services Provider for autoimmunity in general and Hashimoto in particular. All Hashimoto.Help ehealth services are based on a multidisciplinary approach: endocrinology, psychology, neuroscience, and immunology. They are complementary and can be used together with the existing medical protocols. They have an added value to the work of medical professionals, such as GP, endocrinologists, fertility clinics, psychotherapy, and psychiatry practices, those who most often meet the (subclinical) Hashimoto thyroiditis patients. We increase the quality of life of (Subclinical) Hashimoto’s. We are on our way to building a worldwide movement, to inform, guide & empower (subclinical) Hashimoto’s based on the latest scientific findings.

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About this course

After fifteen years of working successfully with many Hashimoto thyroiditis patients and scientific investigation, I decided to combine all the expertise I gained to help as many people as possible. ‘Sacred time’ program represents all the steps that would have been taken when working in a one on one consultation with me in my practice.

The focus of the 'Sacred time' program is on both environmental and distress factorswhile working holistically on body, mind and spiritual level. The 12 weeks protocol is presented. How to use the short version of 3 weeks is also elaborated in the program.

Following the program will:

  • decrease of the inflammation and toxicity in your mind and body
  • get rid of excessive body fluid and fat
  • get rid of the brain fog
  • figure out your body unique sensitivities