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About this course

Join us for an intriguing musical retreat for the season of Lent. 

It's called Lent and the Interior Window: An Online Jazz Retreat, and is based on a jazz CD by Bill Carter and the Presbybop Quartet. For the 46 days of Lent (counting the Sundays), participants will be invited to draw on the music as a resource for personal reflection, prayer, meditation on Scripture, and action. We are excited about this project, which we are preparing in collaboration with filmmaker Jeff Kellam. It brings the music to life - and lifts up the music as a helpful resource for deepening our lives.    

What is included:

  • 46 daily reflections based on the music, including original poetry, Biblical meditations, prayer exercises, and spiritual insights
  • MP3 files of all the music on the recording
  • Behind-the-scenes stories of how the music was inspired and created
  • Video performances of the music, many of them live from the road
  • Video interviews with members of the band
  • Unreleased recordings and alternate takes
  • Special opportunities to practice the spiritual practice of "audio divina," a meditative reflection on music.

The online retreat goes live on Ash Wednesday, February 26, and continues through Easter Sunday, April  12.  Participants will receive daily invitations to reflect on the material, which will be released each day. The material will be permanently available to all participants, who can work through it at their own pace.

Cost: $ 29.99 for the six week retreat