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Candace Van Dell

Candace van Dell is a New thought leader, author and speaker. She is certified in Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Health & Wellness. Candace was born with heightened Intuition and emotional sensitivity which makes her able to tune into the subconscious patterns and personal paradigms of her clients. She holds a space for deeper wisdom and understanding of your inner child and INNER GUIDANCE which she calls (The wise guide inside). Candace has a very successful YouTube channel where she shares her channeled wisdom and insights on a variety of subjects. Candace offers online courses, monthly membership and one on one coaching. She also speaks on podcasts and does live speaking engagements throughout the year.

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About this course

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the fastest ways to experience emotional relief.  

In this EFT Bundle, you will receive 10 different EFT exercises to gain relief from some of the biggest triggers we face in our daily lives.

I hope you enjoy and use often.