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Regina Trailweaver

Yoga teacher, Regina Trailweaver, teaches classical style yoga for holistic health. She has studied the ancient tradition of yoga and practiced social work for thirty years. Her love of mindful movement and passion for wellness are evident in her guidance. The principles of awareness, acceptance and alignment are inherent in every session offered.

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About this course

You know that self care is the key to health and happiness.  But, in an increasingly stressful world and work place, your own well being can easily be compromised or at risk, especially if  you expend all of your energy on caring for others.   You need EMBODIED COMPASSION, a program providing brief self care techniques that you can easily practice almost any time and anywhere.   

Self care creates more time in your life for joy and connection as you:

* Identify what is truly essential for you, what has heart and meaning, what is purposeful and fulfilling.  

*Set healthy boundaries.

*Listen to your intuition.

*Pay attention to your own physical, emotional, mental, and energetic needs.  

Embodied Compassionis designed for:

*anyone who wants to support their personal well being and build a consistent practice of self care 

*mental health and yoga professionals who want to also effectively share techniques for self care and embodied compassion with their clients in a professional setting, whether a clinical office or group education. 

What you will receive:

*Guidance and support as you develop your own compassionated self care routine based on the ancient technology of yoga combined with the modern neuroscience of compassion and self care.

 *Motivation and skills to maintain embodied compassion and co regulation in our busy, modern world.    

*You can return to the videos, exercises, and activities whenever needed and the program is full of downloadable resources for clients and  students seeking a yoga program that includes this traditional focus on mental stamina and emotional balance as well as physical strength and range of motion.    

*This holistic program has been designed after thirty years of study with the pioneers in the field of  mental health and yoga.  Based on the traditional 8 limbs of yoga, it is neuroscience informed, trauma sensitive, based on polyvagal theory, provides co regulation theory and techniques and effective treatments for trauma, depression, and anxiety.  

Per the latest research on how our brains work, especially in this busy, fast paced modern world, this program is designed with:

1)  micro learning modules 

2) 1:1 coaching

3) accountability and support from the interactive community feature

4) monthly webinar/Q&A sessions which you can attend live or watch later at your convenience.


Preview the course:  Practice to Promote Sleep


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a mental health or yoga professional, using the interactive feature is required to document your participation in the course along with an additional fee of $50 to receive your CE certificate.