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Benedict Beaumont

Hello you! My name is Ben and I am a co-founder of Breathing Space. I passionately believe in the healing and transformative power of Breathwork. I have had personal experience of this and seen it in the hundreds of people that I have had the honour of facilitating through Breathwork journeys. It is powerful and profound, but it is also simple and accessible to everyone. Breathing Space was set up in 2018 as a way to bring this amazing practice out into the world. We now run workshops, retreats and training courses all over the world. Please check out our web page - and our for more information about us and what we do, Benedict

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About this course

Take a Breath is a free and easy way for you to start your journey into Breathwork and get a chance to practice some of our favourite techniques here at Breathing Space. 

Just a few of the benefits of taking this course are:

  • Learn how breathing can help you with stressful or difficult situations
  • Explore how breathwork can shift your mood and bring a smile to your face
  • Find how to connect with the awesome natural world around us in a completely new way
  • Reconnect with your body and truly feel how wonderful it is

This course includes:

  • Five different and easy to use Breathwork techniques
  • Structured home practices to try in your everyday life
  • An opportunity to reflect on your experiences
  • The space to connect with others on the course and discuss your progress
  • Information on how to continue your breathwork journey

Whether you are a complete beginner or you have had some experience, we hope you'll get something out of it!