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Magee 2015

Aoife Magee

Aoife Rose Magee, PhD, earned a doctoral degree in Special Education from the University of Oregon Early Intervention Program. Her research and professional interests have been largely focused on the social-emotional development of young children and how positive parenting and teaching practices may contribute to healthy development, promote resiliency and mediate risk factors. Aoife is an instructor, supervisor, consultant, and professional development specialist for students and practitioners in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and Parenting Education. Aoife is a Master Trainer for the Oregon Registry and frequently provides community based and private workshops for early childhood educators.

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About this course

Exploring the Benefits of Observation in Early Childhood

(3 hours - OA/Set 2)

Participants will explore the benefits of observing young children to build positive relationships with children and understand their individual needs. During the training, participants will learn to use observation guidelines to become a skilled observer and how to then use what is learned through observation to respond to individual and group needs effectively.

Infant/Toddler, Preschool & School Age