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Glacia Rain - Ascension Consciousness Learning Society

Glacia Rain, Founder of the Ascension Consciousness Learning Society™  is a Certified Life Coach fulfilling a mission to assist in planetary acceleration of consciousness evolution. One of Instagram’s and YouTube’s popular intuitives with thousands of global followers and subscribers, she offers one-of-a kind, proprietary learning events designed to support others in claiming their spiritual sovereignty and to step into their true power as creator beings. Glacia is dedicated to aiding others in connecting to their higher selves and stepping onto their true path.  ​

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About this course

During 2019 we all faced many challenges. We've had breakdowns and breakthroughs.  We survived timeline jumps, eclipse energies along with planetary retrogrades. The last part of the year contained many lessons as we continued to wrap up loose ends from past lives, clear ancestral trauma and karma as well as facing the difficult pain and fear that has accumulated from the trauma we've experienced in this life. Many of us have collapsed personal timelines which has helped to collapse collective timelines as well continue to level up into the higher 5D timelines and beyond. 

Now that we've gone through that, let's focus on 2020! Would you like to know what energies will be coming in during the upcoming year? Do you have questions about ascension that remain unanswered? Is confusion or fear surfacing as you plan for your future yet are afraid it will be like the past? 

In this webinar you will get an overview of what 2020 is holding for the collective including the timelines that still need to be collapsed, the split between 3D and 5D and beyond as well as the choices that we face if we want to level up into the greatest expressions of our souls. 

This event took place on a very powerful day of the solstice. This marks a major turning point for humanity as we wrap up the events of 2019. This day was followed by an eclipse that presented the exciting opportunity of yet another timeline jump! 

In this webinar, Glacia discusses the upcoming events and energies in 2020.