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Irina Kazakevic

Irina Kazakevic is a certified Yoga Teacher (E-RCY 500) and Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT). She is the founder of Yoga Break for Children™ Yoga Alliance Registered School (RCYS) and the creator of the online platform Well-Being Yoga. Irina is the author of the Children's Yoga Cards and the 52 Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Collection. She offers the 95-hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training and Certification (RCYT) online and in person. Since 2007, Irina has been teaching yoga to adults and children and educating them on how to integrate yoga practices into everyday life to achieve physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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About this course

The Energy Boosters self-paced online course is for school and yoga teachers, parents and everyone who is looking for a fun, informative and engaging way to teach yoga to children.

In this course, you will learn yoga practices that will help children adjust their energy level by up-regulating and energizing them, to match the demands of a task or situation.

Yoga can help children grow into adults who know how to self-manage and self-regulate and therefore are able to live a healthier, happier and successful life. 

You will learn:

  • Why up-regulating (rising energy levels) is important for some students and when it is needed for all
  • Understanding hypo-active children
  • A complete energizing yoga practice, games and creative art activities

You will receive:

  • Energy Boosters Video + 2 instructional videos
  • MP3 Meditation for Cultivating Energy
  • 7 Yoga Cards Energy Boosters practice (downloadable)
  • 5 Lesson Plans (downloadable)
  • 4 Reproducible Student Booklet Pages (downloadable)
  • Lesson Planning Template and Self-Evaluation Log

You will also receive a bonus video An Introduction to Understanding the Brain

In this video, Jan Yordy demonstrates how brains can become overwhelmed and dysregulated. She will also show several helpful exercises to help reconnect to the thinking brain and to release stress and anxiety patterns. The techniques in this video are based on Jan's children’s book, Be the Boss of Your Thoughts, A Guide to Reduce Anxiety and Lower Stress in Kids.

What Is Going To Be Different After You Take The Energy Boosters Course?

  • After taking the Energy Boosters online course, you will be ready to skillfully teach energizing children's yoga classes.
  • You will also have all the resources for your classes complete with lesson plans, practices and activities.
  • Your teaching will be animated, educational, full of examples and metaphors. Along with classic yoga practices, you will be using yoga-inspired activities such as reading books, arts & crafts and games to make your classes fun and age-appropriate.
  • By applying what you've learned in the Energy Boosters course, you will make yoga enjoyable, educational, and will help your students set a foundation for consistent, enthusiastic and life-long practice.

Do you see yourself doing yoga with children, educating them and creating a healthy and positive change in their lives?

Join us in the Energy Boosters online course!

Learn how to teach yoga to children in a fun and engaging way! 
Receive ready to use resources, and teach amazing yoga classes!