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Annette Figueredo

I believe the body heals itself along with the power of our mind. Our entire life is built on vibrations. Honoring the subtle cues within our bodies can make the difference between health and non-health. Our mind, emotions and our spirit have everything to do with our bodies as we are complex whole beings who are intricately connected. Not only within ourselves but with each other. We are a product of our environment and our environment is a product of us. My mission is to help you shift the energy around any obstacle or problem that you're faced with. When we shift our own energy, we become the ripple effect that shifts the energy among all living beings across this planet.

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About this course

Join me in a weekly online class (delivered through Zoom) to boost your fertility! Learn the best-kept secrets for creating a conception-ready body and mind. 

We will work to boost your physical body energetically, so that your entire being is lifted to a new vibration. Learn the ancient yogi techniques that have been lost in modern day business and consumerism. Get back to the basics. Get back in touch with your body and its infinite and innate wisdom. Learn this wisdom and apply it at your own pace. 

This knowledge is priceless. It took me years to piece together the exercises and techniques that I am sharing with you in this 4-week yoga protocol, and you can replicate it again and again, until you get pregnant. Happy Fertility Journey-ing to you. If you have any questions, ask me live at my next weekly class. Join here to access the weekly schedule. Optimal time to prepare for conception is minimum 12 weeks.