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About this course

Join Drs. Hazzah and Richter - experts in the veterinary cannabis industry - in a comprehensive overview of Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine.  

Module 1:  Cannabis Ethnobotany, Modern History, & the Endocannabinoid System
Module 2: Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes, & Cannabinomimetics
Module 3: Indications & dosing guidelines

This course is NOT approved for RACE CE.

Gary Richter

Dr. Richter focuses on the integration of holistic and general practice veterinary medicine, regenerative medicine, as well as educating professionals and pet owners on the benefits of integrative care. 

The safe and effective use of medical cannabis in dogs and cats is central to both Dr. Richter’s medical practice and educational outreach.  By integrating medical cannabis with other conventional and alternative therapies, Dr. Richter has been able to improve the quality and quantity of life of pets living with medical conditions ranging from arthritis to inflammatory bowel disease to cancer. 

Read Dr. Richter's full bio HERE.

Trina Hazzah

Dr. Trina Hazzah's passion for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) allows her to combine both conventional Western and complementary Eastern therapies to design a whole patient therapeutic approach.  

Dr. Hazzah is dedicated to incorporating all available modalities to find the perfect balance between effective treatment and optimal patient quality of life and comfort.

Read Dr. Hazzah's full bio HERE.