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Della Ratcliffe

Celebrating women’s wisdom and spirituality as a Hedgewitch, Bean Gealach, shamanic practitioner, writer, teacher, mentor, coach, artist, healer, advanced PSYCH-K® and certified Moon Mná Women's Celtic Circle Facilitator and, yes, a Badass Crone! I travel with you on this journey, holding the light for you.

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About this Course

Many of us feel closest to Mama Earth in Spring, as the energy of new life so rapidly waxes around us. Join with others  also aligned with the energy of the seasons, as together we explore the second of the Spring Celebrations in the Wheel of the Year — known  by many other names such Alban Eilir, Cónacht An Earraig, Earrach, Summer Finding and Ostara — including:

  • the magical correspondences of Spring
  • connecting with a bird ally
  • eggs in magick and spiritual traditions
  • spring ceremony and ritual 
  • herbs and crafts
  • Celtic traditions
  • card layouts
  • the goddesses of Spring
  • and more!

Although primarily from a Northern Hemisphere perspective, we will explore the connections between Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, including the complementary energies and goddesses such as Persephone (Spring) and Demeter (Autumn).