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Waverly J. Hanson

Because I’m like you. I’m also a normal human being and have had many hard, dark and painful times too. I have made it through with God's help and have a good life. I have found techniques that work and be glad to share them with you through my live interactive video online learning or life coaching. I’m no longer surprised by how quick and simple the process of change can be! Simple Actions Work! ****** *Call now to move ahead with your life! The sooner you call – the sooner your pain will stop! 719-661-7330

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About this course

Are you wondering what happened to your once loving, happy marriage? This course will introduce you to concepts most couples are unaware of and find encouraging once they learn them.

Want to learn how to bring back the closeness and happiness you once had that caused you to decide to get married or be together in the first place.?

Want to learn about Tools that can easily learn to use that can change your mostly tired and unsatisfying marriage.?

I have learned what works! You will learn easily doable new Tools that will bring back those loving feelings you used to have for one another.

Looking forward to you movement from Miserable Marriage to Wedded Bliss!