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Della Ratcliffe

Celebrating women’s wisdom and spirituality as a Hedgewitch, Bean Gealach, shamanic practitioner, writer, teacher, mentor, coach, artist, healer, advanced PSYCH-K® and certified Moon Mná Women's Celtic Circle Facilitator and, yes, a Badass Crone! I travel with you on this journey, holding the light for you.

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About this course

Celebrate Early Summer and explore the third of the Spring Celebrations in the Wheel of the Year — or perhaps the first Summer celebration!  — considered by many as the start of the Light Half of the Irish Celtic Year.

Together we will explore ceremony and ritual, herbs, crafts, Irish Celtic traditions, card layouts, and the goddesses of Bealtaine. We will also look at other aspects of the Bealtaine / Early Summer season such as World Oceans Day on June 8th, Sky Medicine (full moons, eclipses, meteor shows) and more!

And although primarily from a Northern Hemisphere perspective, we will explore the connections between Bealtaine and its complementary festival Samhain.

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