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Steven Frampton

Steve Frampton believes passionately that we are each born with a unique blueprint reflecting our innate talent and inborn opportunity to make the world a better place. How? Through profound self-discovery using conventional and metaphysical tools that get to the core of who we truly are – our divine essence. Steve maintains that understanding our essence, as well as the energies surrounding past, current, and future circumstances, enables us to better navigate life; unleash our gifts; identify opportunities; become our very best selves; and create quantum shifts. He insists that together we hold the key to transforming our world. Steve has given public demonstrations and private consultations since childhood. He has impressed clients in North America, Europe, and Australia with the accuracy of his mediumship and sixth sense. His clients leave feeling uplifted and optimistic about the future. His qualifications, career history and deep spirituality provide a unique blend of experience.

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About this Course


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The first month is FREE with no obligation whatsoever!

We will study astrology and tarot as one integrated system.

We will start from the beginning, but move relatively quickly to advanced insight.  

These are some of the things that you will cover if you continue your studies with me:

  • In-depth Character Analysis
  • Synastry – Relationship Compatibility Analysis
  • Accurate Prediction Techniques
  • Medical Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Interpretation and Prediction of World Events
  • Tarot Spread Interpretation
  • And Much More!

And remember that you can go at whatever pace you like and just pay per module as you progress!

Why astrology and tarot together? Because they are correlated – an understanding of both metaphysical systems leads to much deeper and far more accurate insight.

The program is completely flexible so that you can study at your own pace.

Join us – it is a LOT of fun and extremely developmental!

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 And finally, here is a quote from one of my fantastic students:

“Life’s obstacles sometime leave us with no real vision for our future, however I recently discovered how to get back on course with Steven Frampton’s “Metaphysics, The Language of the Cosmos” program.  I found myself stuck on a dead end road…thankfully God’s grace led me to Steven.  He has a degree in Hermetic Astrology and Linguistics so not only is he a skilled metaphysician, he also has superb communication skills…that makes him a great teacher!  He is very passionate about metaphysics so learning from Steve is fun!  He delivers material in a way that impresses upon both the conscious and unconscious mind, making it easy to learn! The tools I have learned from Frampton so far have opened my eyes to areas of life that need improvement as well as areas of strength I need to focus more on. 

Hidden, there is an entire world within the world I knew before!  Through Frampton’s “Language of the Cosmos” I am beginning to understand “that which is hidden”…allowing me to better navigate life understanding myself, situations and other people!  I’ve been utilizing and interacting in Steven’s program for less than three months and I am already reading and interpreting astrological charts!  If you trust Steve and his method, and you respect METAPHYSICS enough to really invest time to understand it- your life will change before your eyes!  Steve’s approach ensures success for ANYONE who is passionate about learning these priceless tools!  Understanding metaphysics IS like gaining a whole new language!  I will always CHERISH the tools I am learning from Steve…his passion is contagious!!!  I look forward to using them to further discover the woman I incarnated to be!  Now, having learned how to interpret my natal chart from Steve – I will forever OWN the map of my soul!!!” Jen, USA

Steve Frampton