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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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About this course

This is the Simple SteamPunk BJD Video set that we used during the 2017 Simple SteamPunk BJD Contest.  We had some amazing dolls created from using these instructions.  Let's see what YOU can create!  Scroll down to see the entries!

This doll is very simple to construct, as we work with one piece at a time.  It will teach you the basics of BJD construction, and her joints will be simple, rather than advanced (like my BJD workshop).  She will have a child-like body so she is simple to sculpt and we can focus more on the articulation (moving points) of the doll.

This kit includes:

  • 16 oz ProSculpt Clay, your choice of color
  • Mohair, your choice of color and kind (Roving, Tibetan, etc.)
  • Glass Flatback Eyes, your choice of color
  • Beads for making joints
  • Tubes for sculpting her limbs
  • Simple SteamPunk BJD Pattern Guide
  • SteamPunk Hat Pattern and Hat Material
  • Online access to the Simple SteamPunk BJD Videos.
  • DVD version of these same videos.

 Here are some of the entries from out contest.  These dolls were made following the instructions on these very videos!  ;)

Tami EveslageJane Parry
Brandy Fisher
Anna LentzSara BurleyEsther Manzo
Anne RocheKimlieu NguyenGlory Mizzelle
Sherrie NielsonRena LeMaster
Joyce Marsh