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Molly Williams

Molly is a Textile Artist and Designer BA Hons Embroidered Textiles Design Technology Teacher QTS MSCD FRSA Websites:

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About this course

How to make fabulous felt bowls

Learn how to make a 3D vessel with wool fibres. This is a wet felt process and is an introduction to 3D felt making.

Step-by-step videos show you, in detail, how to make a little felt bowl. 

Each lesson and video has worksheets for you to download and keep.

Materials and equipment: 

  • Bamboo mat 40cm x 30cm 
  • 2 pieces of bubble wrap the same size as the bamboo mat
  • Round piece of plastic underlay 16cm in diameter 
  • Large towel
  • Water bottle with a nozzle
  • Bar of soap
  • 40g Merino wool 23 microns in one or two colours
  • Netting or voile  30cm x 30cm - (must be synthetic nylon or polyester)
  • 1-2 small balloons
  • Plastic clip fastener
  • Sharp scissors

I hope you will join me on the course!

Best wishes