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I have always been an artist, whether it is painting, jewelry, sculpture, music or writing. This is the part of my soul that always saved me. Art and nature are my healers and guides. After I was brought back to the land of the living, I had a purpose. To share the journey with others. This path guided me to return to school and obtain degrees in Fine Art and Cognitive Science. My most important teachings came while walking by the side of native healers from the Americas. Curiosity still drives my passion, but now I have trust, patience and wisdom with me. I have written five books on acrylic painting and mixed media art techniques, but this book brings me full circle back to where I began this journey of empowerment. Awakening Your Creative Soul brings spirituality, earth medicine and art together as a map for finding passion and peace. I believe a work of art is always an evolving process. Honoring our passions and purpose in life culminate in the highest art form.

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