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Roz Stendahl

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and book artist. I've kept visual and written journals my entire life. For over 30 years I have taught visual arts and bookbinding—sharing what is a key tool in my creative life.

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About this course



What to Expect:

In this class mixed media and journal artist Roz Stendahl will present her method of making a "sewn-on-the-spine" book structure. In this hardcover book all the signatures are sewn directly onto the spine in a decorative pattern.

The class contains two full projects. Students can elect to complete either Project A or Project B during the live month of the class. By working on a particular project with the specified materials and dimensions Roz will be able to help students while not being physically present with them in the room. Once students have completed a project they will then understand, with the help of additional class materials how to fully customize this book structure to their size and paper requirements. (Students are encouraged to make both projects during the month, as well as additional customized projects once A or B has been completed—it depends on the time you have available. Plan to bind! Consider buying  sufficient supplies for multiple books.)

This is a great class for artists and bookbinders of all skill levels who want to bind a book that allows them to work with a variety of media; that accommodates dimensional media if desired; to easily adjusts to layers of collage; and of course is easily adaptable to express the student's style and needs for a visual journal.

During this 4-week class all lessons drop on the first day of class so that students can work at their own pace. However Roz will be in class each week answering questions for the month, to keep students working.

It is suggested that you plan on making a minimum of two books: first either Project A or Project B and then a second book, which can be the other class project or a customization that the student creates and wants help on, e.g., checking the tear diagram, checking the case materials sizes the student reaches, etc.

Class is structured so that students can work in their homes with a minimum of supplies and tools. 

Students can review materials at any time during the month and  have access to the videos until December 31, 2021. (There is a possibility that access may be extended on a yearly basis. Keep your email current in the Ruzuku settings so you can receive update emails. )

You will still be able to ask Roz class related questions after the class month ends, but there may be a short delay as she will move on to other scheduled work.

There will also be two live webinars during the four week class. Dates will be announced when class gets underway. During these events you will be able to ask Roz questions, she will discuss topics trending in class, or introduce new material as needed. If you aren't able to attend the live event, don't worry, they will be taped and become part of the classroom resources.

A detailed supply list can be downloaded before registration here. (Please click on the link to the left.)

Note that videos explaining the supplies are available upon registration. Roz recommends you purchase supplies AFTER registering and watching the related videos.