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Nancy Windheart

I've been teaching interspecies communication and working as a professional animal communicator since 2007, and I'm the creator/founder of this Animal Communication Academy and Professional Animal Communication Practitioner Certification Program. I'm also Reiki Master-Teacher and a yoga teacher, and a guardian to my beloved animal family of dogs, cats, and chickens. My passion is to help other people uncover their natural telepathic and intuitive abilities and to connect more fully with their animal friends and all life in our beautiful world, and to train others who want to work professionally in the fields of interspecies telepathic communication and Reiki /Animal Reiki.

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About this course

Global Reiki Circle

I invite you to join me in a global Reiki healing circle for our families, our communities, our countries, and our world.

UPDATE: Our Global Reiki Circle will continue meeting once a month for the next 3 months, on Saturdays close to the New Moon:

Saturdays, 12 pm MT/2 pm ET:

May 23

June 20 (this is also Summer Solstice)

July 18

If you are unable to join us in “real time”, please remember that Reiki functions outside the boundaries of time and space. You are welcome to join us energetically, via the video recording or on your own, at any time that works for you. Of course, we would love to have as many people joining together simultaneously as possible…it nurtures us as human folks to do that. 🙂

We will gather for approximately 50 minutes.

The circle is hosted on the same platform that I use to teach my courses (Ruzuku); you’ll be asked to sign up using your email address, and then you’ll be given access to the site and all of the information about the gathering.

We’ll gather by webinar, available to anyone with internet access.

This circle is free and open to anyone who wishes to participate. Your family, including children and animal companions, are welcome. If English is not your native language, you are also welcome to join…much of our time will be silent, a simple sharing of Reiki. The webinar will be recorded, and so you can participate even if you can’t be with us at the actual time that we gather. (One of the blessings of Reiki is that is “works” outside of the confines of time and space, and so you can participate in the energy of the webinar at any time.)

Please share this circle with anyone you feel may wish to join us.

All are welcome.

One life, one love, one heart…we are a global family.